“As a Professional Speaker myself, I have spent the last seven years working on my skills and knowledge to be able to present successfully to audiences around the world.  Your presentation left me speechless and in tears.  Not many can speak from the heart in the way you did.  I’m jealous…  Go for it!”
Merv Neal, CEO Maurant Business Associates, Melbourne, Australia

“Jason is an amazing individual who inspires and reminds us to always give our best.”
Greg S. Reid, Author, Speaker, Filmmaker, San Diego, CA

“This was without a doubt the best team building and motivational staff event I have ever experienced. Jason shared with us not only the effect laughter can have on a team, but the importance of positive thinking and acting.”
Chef Amy Warren, Owner and COO of Chef Amy’s Cafe 334, Sioux Falls, SD

Jason helped me re-focus on “The Big Picture” and realize that I am the only obstacle and leverage between my dreams and my reality. He helped me value all I have: health, family, friends, job, dreams, support.  Jason’s Funstorming exercise really inspired me to find the best in everything I do here at FITzee – and keep rewarding myself and my coworkers with KUDOS and cheers! I already cheer myself up every time I do something good, but it’s great to know this is encouraged by everyone here at the store and company! I love when Jason comes in – he brings all this positivity in with him 🙂
Dennise Pico, Community Leader/Jr. Nutritionist, FITzee Foods, San Diego, CA

Thank you Jason so much for the exciting fun storming session yesterday! The process was not only fun, but was a productive way of generating new ideas! The meeting was a valuable team building exercise as well. Jason’s energy and enthusiasm are infectious! We look forward to the next one! Thank you!!!
Mark Wallace, Marketing Brand Ambassador, FITzee Foods, San Diego, CA

Jason is amazing! He can ask you just a few questions and put together a FUN, interactive way to engage a team of people. He really knows how to inspire and create a way to engage people to take action. Thank you Jason for offering such an amazing service and talent!
Michelle Weinstein, President, FITzee Foods, San Diego, CA

“Jason Freeman took my students from zero to 60 in under ten seconds.  His personal and introspective presentation had all of us engaged.  We laughed, we thought, and we thoroughly enjoyed Freeman’s one-of-a-kind presentation.  I’ve had the privilege of seeing Freeman speak to students and professionals, and without question he’s one of the best—highly recommended.”
Gary Dop, Writer and Professor, Minneapolis, MN

“I would highly recommend Jason Freeman as a speaker or leader for an event. He came and worked with the campus ministry staff at Augustana College and he was absolutely delightful. From the stories he told, to the laughter yoga we did with him, Jason was a joy to be with and to have on campus. He has great insights that combine working  on stress management, the sharing of one’s life story, and thinking about leadership in new ways. His time with our group was not only thought-provoking, but also lots of fun.”
Ann Pederson, Ph.D. Interim Campus Pastor and Professor of Religion, Augustana College, Sioux Falls, SD

“Wow! So great to see somebody embrace their human state of being as a contribution to who they are, that what others consider to not be the norm is actually a catalyst  to seeing the greatness in themselves, in others, as being human.”
Laurence McCaskill, Manager, San Diego, CA

Jason’s “funstorming” exercise inspired me to think about my job as more than just “work”, but a fun and enjoyable environment where I am supported and encouraged by my colleagues to reach my goals.  This exercise allowed me to think out of the box and come up with ideas that involve working hard and having a great time at the same time! I admire Jason and the message he delivers through all of his exercises, he is a true inspiration!
Nicole Felton, Community Leader, FITzee Foods, San Diego, CA

“Jason’s presentation is a reminder that anything is possible and that believing you can reach your goals is something anyone can achieve. Jason was a great person to motivate people into doing things and transforming your limitations. His own personal journey was incredible. He is an example of overcoming limitations.”
Irene Estada, Marketing, San Diego, CA

“This presentation helped me understand there should never be a moment where I underestimate myself and that I am able to do whatever I put my mind to.”
Alina, FITzee Foods, San Diego, CA

“Jason is like a shot of B12.”
DeAnn, Real Estate Agent, Sioux Falls, SD

“High energy, heartfelt, informative.”
Participant at Jason’s New Year, New Growth presentation

“Jason’s talk made me remember limitations are truly only something we impose on ourselves, so we can also take them away. You showed with your personal story that anything is possible.  To never stop trying even when you get frustrated.”
Ashley Dawn, Executive Assistant, San Diego, CA

“Jason, your “yes” conversation and way of Life got me to say “yes!” to my fiancé!  I saw that I was living in the padded me and ‘maybe’ way of being. “Yes” is the way for my life today. Thank you.”
Alejandro Alvarado, San Diego, CA