This Election Year Vote Yes!

I noticed this week that at the same time I started thinking about which presidential candidate I will vote for in November, I also started getting upset and putting down the other presidential candidate in my mind.  So then I started thinking about how the wisdom people exhibit when they use toothpaste could be of use to us in an election year.  (If you have no idea how toothpaste relates to picking our candidate, I will expand.)

This is what I mean.  Think about the toothpaste a guy named Jake chooses to use each morning.  Jake already has the tube of toothpaste, so this means he has weighed the pros and cons of this toothpaste versus other brands of toothpaste and chosen to pick this one.

Each morning Jake simply says, “YES” to the toothpaste he has chosen.   As he brushes his teeth, he doesn’t spend time thinking about why he said “NO” to other the brands of toothpaste.  Jake doesn’t spend his morning getting frustrated and angry at the other brands of toothpaste for not being good toothpaste.  Rather, Jake simply brushes his teeth with the toothpaste he has chosen and then goes on with his day.

The brands of toothpaste that we CHOOSE NOT to buy won’t get our teeth clean.  Only the toothpaste we purchase and brush with will.

In the same way, once we’ve weighed the pros and cons and chosen our candidate, further thinking about the reasons we dislike the other candidate is like spending time each morning contemplating why we dislike the brands of toothpaste we are NOT using.  Such thoughts don’t help us feel good.

Further, such thoughts may even make it more difficult for us to be of support to our candidate.  Can you imagine if you asked someone why she liked her toothpaste and she spent the next hour telling you why she disliked another brand of toothpaste?  At the end of the hour, you might have literally forgotten which brand of toothpaste she actually liked.  You might even be inclined to go out and buy the brand she disliked because after listening for an hour you feel that you at least know something about that brand.

This election year, may you weigh the pros and cons, and then really choose to focus on casting a confident and positive YES vote for whichever presidential candidate you have chosen.

Game of the Day

How can the ideas in this blog be of use to you during this election year?

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