Do You Have a Unicorn Horn Secret?

Pretend for the next few minutes that I have a unicorn horn growing out of the center of my head.  (Please bear with me.  It’s a big step for a grown man to talk about a unicorn horn in his blog.)

Now pretend that when I talk to people, I never acknowledge that I have a unicorn horn growing out of the center of my head.  Furthermore, I become defensive and change the subject when people who are just getting to know me comment on my unicorn horn.   And if they inquire how I feel about having a unicorn horn or ask for any explanation of the medical condition that caused my horn, I make it obvious that they have offended me.

Since, I react in this way at any mention of my unicorn horn, soon nobody speaks to me about my horn, not family, not friends.  Even acquaintances who have made the mistake of inquiring about my horn once, never speak to me about it again.

People are only willing to get so close to me.  (How close can you really get to someone who refuses to trust you enough to talk with you about the unicorn horn growing out of the center of his head?)

I never know what people really think of my horn.  Maybe they think it is the height of fashion and pray that they will wake up with one growing out of the center of their head tomorrow.  Maybe, they think I would feel better about life without the horn and know a professional to refer me to who removes unicorn horns.

Now remember this unicorn horn stuff isn’t autobiographical.  (If you were about to call Guinness, you can hang up the phone.)

However, I have a unique feature that is like a unicorn horn in that there is no way to hide the reality of it when I speak.

For years, I refused to talk about my speech impediment and made it an awkward conversation, to say the least, when people tried to talk to me about it. When I finally did begin talking with people about the speech impediment (my Unicorn Horn Secret) I soon discovered that no one thought my speech impediment was nearly as big of a deal as I thought it was.  I learned to my surprise that some people actually even find the way I speak cool.

By talking freely about my Unicorn Horn Secret, I also opened up a way for people to suggest that I go back to speech therapy, which I hadn’t done since grade school.  Following their advice, I went back to a speech therapist and after about three or four sessions, she said that I had accomplished what I needed to accomplish and didn’t need to come back to see her.  (When I was trying to keep my Unicorn Horn Secret, I had feared that if I ever went back to speech therapy, I would be going once a week for the rest of my life.)

These were the wonderful benefits of finally talking about my Unicorn Horn Secret.  However, by far the biggest benefit of talking freely about my Unicorn Horn Secret is that people now find it much easier to be around me and connect with me because I am not trying to hide and not tell the truth about what is obvious.

Now my Unicorn Horn Secret, that for so long I refused to talk about, has become part of my “Limitations To Extraordinary Results” message.    As a professional speaker, I am now proud to share this message and my Unicorn Horn Secret with audiences both big and small.

Our Unicorn Horn Secrets can become some of our greatest assets once we find the courage to talk freely about them.  We then have a pathway to open up to the idea that the way we view our Unicorn Horn Secrets can transform from a source of shame to a source of strength.

Game of the Day

Do you have a Unicorn Horn Secret?

What would it be like to talk freely about your Unicorn Horn Secret?

What would it be like to transform your Unicorn Horn Secret from a source of shame to a source of strength?

What is your next step?