When Too Many People Offer You Too Many Good Opportunities All At Once: Five Tips For Turning OPPORTUNITY OVERWHELM Into OPPORTUNITY EASE

Realize That The Opportunities You Are Offered Are A Good Sign

Opportunities are exciting and a sign you are on the right track.

But sometimes there’s so much going on we start to feel short of breath and we begin to struggle with our opportunities and push them aside, almost as if our opportunities are our enemies.  At these times, it’s worthwhile to remember that opportunities are what we want.  We want to embrace our opportunities while, at the same time, managing them.

Appreciate All The Opportunities You Are Given (Even If You Decide Not To Take Some Of Them)

Let the people giving you opportunities know how grateful you are.  This is as simple as saying “I really appreciate your offer and I look forward to having a chance to think it over.”

Decide Which Opportunities Are A Good Fit For You

The opportunities that people offer you will likely require your time, energy and money.  Before taking someone up on an opportunity, really think about if you are interested in it; if it is in-line with your goals and dreams; and if you want to devote your time and resources to it.  If the answer is “Yes,” proceed with confidence.  If the answer is “No,” find a way to say a polite and definite “No Thank You.”  This “No Thank You” frees you from your obligation to engage in the opportunity.  And just as importantly, your “No” frees the person who asked you to find someone who is truly interested in his or her opportunity.

Schedule So That Not Everything Needs To Happen All At Once

If you decide to take an opportunity, schedule with the person offering you the opportunity so that the opportunity is manageable For You.  You are doing yourself a great service, as well as the person offering you the opportunity, because if you are overwhelmed it will be much harder for you to give their opportunity your full attention.

Write Opportunities You Decline Down To Give You More Choices Later

If you choose to express appreciation for an opportunity someone has given you while, at the same time, declining it by giving them a polite and definite, “No Thank You,” you might consider making note of the opportunity and then making a notation on your calendar to reconsider it in a month or two.  When you reconsider it, you may just reconfirm that you are glad you said, “No.”  Or you may realize that while you are glad you said “No” the first time, the opportunity now sounds good to you.  In this case, you have the information to contact the person and tell them that you rethought his or her offer.

Game of the Day

The next time you experience OPPORTUNITY OVERWHELM how will you use these tips to turn your overwhelm into OPPORTUNITY EASE?