Squirrel Tusks and Creating Your Dreams

The other day one of my good friends had a necklace with a beautiful object that looked like a tooth of some substantial animal hanging from it.  When I commented on the object, my friend promptly said that it was “a squirrel tusk.”

My original reaction was “That Is Impossible.”

Then over the next hour, I thought of the object hanging from my friend’s necklace and realized that while I had never seen squirrel with tusks or heard of squirrel with tusks, “Really, how did I know that squirrel tusks were impossible.”

My debate about squirrel tusks got me thinking about dreams.  When you have a dream that doesn’t seem achievable it’s natural to tell yourselves that the dream is “Impossible.”

Once we label a dream “impossible,” it is very tempting to curtail all our actions and even thoughts and emotions related to the dream because devoting energy to something “impossible” would likely not produce a satisfactory result.

Luckily, “Impossible” is just a word that we can choose to use or not use.

A more profitable approach when you hear yourself labeling one of your dreams, as “Impossible,” might be to ask yourself three questions that begin to create the possible from the impossible.

1. Do I really want to do the work of trying to make this dream that seems impossible into a physical reality?

Spend time thinking about your answer to this question.  Dreams can be a great deal of work to actually create in physical reality.  They can even require one to devote a substantial portion of their life to achieving them.

As an example of the effort that can be involved in creating a dream, Thomas Edison attempted thousands of times to create a working light bulb before succeeding.

After careful consideration, if your answer is, “Yes, I want to do the work of creating this dream in physical reality,” move onto question 2.

However, your answer might be “No, I don’t want to do the work necessary to create this dream in reality.”

For example, I might dream of becoming a geneticist and making it my mission to engineer a squirrel with tusks.  But pursuing this dream is not a good fit for me because I have exceedingly little interest in becoming a geneticist and then even substantially less interest in engineering a squirrel with tusks.

So, my fleeting dream of creating a squirrel with tusks is not automatically impossible.  But rather, I have no interest in doing the work to make this dream into a “tusk-y” physical reality.

2. Does my dream already exist in physical reality somewhere in the world? 

Whereas, the last question required looking inside and reflecting, the answer to this question will be found by doing research.

For example, my initial reaction to my friend identifying the object on her necklace as a squirrel tusk was “That’s impossible.”  Then, I realized that I truly had little idea if squirrel tusks exist in reality.  So at this point, instead of just assuming that they don’t, I did a little research  I looked up “squirrel tusks” on Google and had little luck finding a match for what I was looking for.  I could extend this research to include asking people if they had ever seen a squirrel with tusks or knew anyone who had.  I could go to libraries.  I could travel the world looking for a squirrel with tusks.  I could even consider that maybe there was a squirrel with tusks in prehistoric times and research that question.

If upon doing research, you find your dream has already been created.  Celebrate!  Now you just have to find a way to connect with that, which has already been created.  You don’t have to recreate the wheel or the squirrel tusk as the case may be.

If your answer to question one is a strong yes and your answer to question two is no, move on to question 3.

 3. How can I create this dream in physical reality?

To answer this question you start brainstorming and experimenting.  You focus your thoughts, emotions and actions on creating the dream in physical reality.  You devote your energy and try and try again until like Thomas Edison you create the light of your dream.

(If anybody has any details about squirrel tusks, please let me know).

Game of a Day

Consider a dream that you have labeled as “Impossible” and ask yourself the three questions that begin to create the possible from the impossible:

1. Do I really want to do the work trying to make this dream that seems impossible into a physical reality?

2. Does my dream already exist in physical reality somewhere in the world?

3. How can I create this dream in physical reality?

Attracting a Life of Happy Surprises

I used to think that the happy surprises of life happened totally by chance.  Now I believe that there is intention and a certain type of work behind creating many of the happy surprises in life.

Maybe we attract happy surprises to us like a magnet attracts a paper clip.  How does a magnet attract?  A magnet doesn’t attract by chance.  It is magnetized and also put in close proximity to the paper clip.

To become attractive to our dreams, first we need to really listen to ourselves and get to know our dreams.   We want to be sure that we are not working to attract the dreams that are not our own.

Once we are in touch with our true dreams, we can magnetize our lives to attract our dreams by figuring out what our dreams are attracted to.  For example, if your dream is that people will hire you to build their houses, a great course of action is to develop the skills to become the best carpenter you can.  For people who want to build a house are attracted to excellent carpenters.

To become attractive to our dreams, we attune our thoughts, words and actions to creating the magnet to attract our dreams. It takes daily practice to nurture the magnetism of our magnet.  This practice is work but a challenging and invigorating kind of work because it is in service of attracting our dreams.

The next step is to get our magnet in close proximity to that which we wish to attract into our life.  For example, I want to attract top-notch speaking opportunities at conventions and schools.  If the decision makers in those groups have no idea who I am, that is a function of my magnet not being in close enough proximity to them.  Though I would appreciate it, the people who decide to hire keynote speakers are not going to look me up randomly on the web and ask if I love to speak at conventions.

Once we design our magnet and place it in close proximity to that which we wish to attract, we then are in a wonderful position to attract happy surprises into our lives.  At this point, we don’t have to hard sell or manipulate our dreams into coming to us.  They are naturally attracted to our magnetism.  For example, excellent carpenters have no idea of exactly who will eventually hire them to build their house.  They do however have confidence in the attractiveness of their skills and that they will eventually have an abundance of jobs.

Nurturing the magnetism of our magnet and placing it in close proximity to our dreams leads to a successful life and joyful life.  What we attract creates a larger and more luminous life than we could have imagined.

Game of the Day

What dreams do you wish to attract into your life?

What actions can you take to strengthen the attraction of your dreams to you?

How can you get in closer proximity to your dreams?

A Formula For A Happy Life

 An essential note: This formula is simple, and not always easy.

Unwanted circumstances occur: flat tires, high drama,

birth trauma, headaches, heart aches, heart attacks,

stock market crashes, computer crashes, road closures,

foreclosures, drought, flood, mud, muck, yuck.

Think!  What unwanted circumstances are you allowing to cause struggle and fear in your life?  You know the circumstances that are frustrating you right now.

This is why I ask.  Unwanted circumstances equal your freedom to make a choice:

You can disable your circumstances.

You can create problems out of your circumstances.

You can birth limitations from your circumstances.

You can make your circumstances as fixed and hard as a stone.


You can seize the freedom to create opportunities from your circumstances.

You can discover the gifts in your circumstances.

You can explore the possibilities within your circumstances.

You can realize that your circumstances are as fluid water cascading over stones.

You are amazingly powerful!  You have the power to create your happy life.

Game of the Day

What emotions come up for you as you read this post?

Think of a time when you have transformed an unwanted circumstance into a circumstance that brought you joy.  How did you go about creating this transformation?

When you encounter your next unwanted circumstance, what will you do to recreate it into an opportunity for happiness and growth?