Wow! I Guess I’ll Wash That Bowl After All!

Our focus is so powerful.  I believe we are always focused on something.  We may be focused on what we truly want.  Or we may be distracted from the focus on what we truly want and so by default focused on what we don’t want.   In my case, I found out that I was really, really focused on wanting to wash a dirty bowl.  (Which is ironic because at that point I hadn’t washed dishes for a couple of days.)

True story!  A few weeks ago, I was hungry because I hadn’t eaten all day.   I was also in a hurry because I had things I wanted to do.

But I had to pause to wash a bowl because all of my bowls were dirty.

As I was washing a bowl, I looked at the pile of bowls next to the sink and noticed that the three-day old salad dressing in another bowl wasn’t looking too sharp.

So I literally started to have this intense debate in my head about whether or not I should take the time, the whole twenty seconds, out of my busy afternoon to wash the second bowl.

Just as I decided “No,” I don’t want to take the time, I dropped the bowl that I was washing in the sink and it cracked in two.

Wow! Now I no longer had to debate about washing the second bowl.

It’s interesting to note that I had been focusing on washing the second bowl and suddenly I created a situation in which I had to wash the second bowl.  Now did my focus on the second bowl cause me to directly drop the first bowl?  I don’t think so.

But my lack of attention on holding the first bowl caused me to drop it and that lack of attention was caused by my focus on the bowl I found disgusting.

A bright side of this story is I suddenly got an opportunity to wash the bowl with dirty salad dressing in it.  But to me the far greater lesson is just how strongly we as humans can focus and how as we focus we begin to create whatever we are focused on.  When we are distracted, we sometimes by default focus on creating what we don’t particularly want, (like broken bowls).  However, the magnificent news is that when we are focused on what we do want, we have amazing power.

Game of the Day

How can you HAVE FUN using your focus more deliberately to create the life that you want?

Jason Freeman is a professional writer, and a one-of-a-kind public speaker.  He is the founder and CEO of Heroic Yes! Productions. Jason has an MFA in Poetry from the University of Nebraska.  He knows the pain of perceiving one’s life through a lens of limitation and also the thrill of moving beyond that mindset.  For more information on Jason’s powerful message, or to book him to present to your organization, go to 


Super-Charging Your Creativity

We are so powerful that we can guide our creativity to create light.

(What the heck is Jason talking about?  Has he gotten all kooky out there in California?)

Ok guys! Please bear with me.  To understand what I mean let’s talk about rivers.

(Maybe he’s just gotten boring.  Who wants to talk about rivers?)

I hear you, the Voice in the ( ).  This blog is going to work and be interesting.  Please just pay attention.

Rivers don’t seem to run in straight lines except sometimes on maps or where they have been straightened with lots of assistance from humans.

(Ok! Everyone get out your maps and look at rivers. Sounds like a wild time! This blog is already quite a hoot.)

Excuse me!  As I was saying, rather than running in straight lines, rivers turn this way and that following the path of least resistance.  A river may go all over the map but except in the case of a flood, it stays focused between its banks.  When a river has a strong current, it can turn a turbine and produce electricity.

(Wow! I’m fascinated Jason.  It is almost like you are reading from a dictionary.)

Now Mr. Voice in the ( ), please be patient, I’m setting up an amazing metaphor.

Anyway, the water flowing in the riverbed is like our creativity.  And the banks of the river are like our ability to focus.

Focus needs creativity so it doesn’t dry up into tunnel vision.

Creativity needs focus so that it doesn’t become an unorganized pool with little movement or current.

So I offer two super-charged creative questions.  How do we maintain both the flow and structure of our creative river?  And how do we use this strong current as power to create light in the reality of our days?

(Jason, why can’t it just be a super-charged practical question like, “What’s for dinner?”)

You know what Mr. Voice in the ( )?  I’ll take you out for dinner.  We can talk about light and rivers.

Game of the Day

What activities stimulate your creativity?

What activities focus your creativity?

How do you make these activities work together to create your river current?

What dreams do you want to turn on to light the reality of your days?

Jason Freeman is a professional writer, and a one-of-a-kind public speaker.  He is the founder and CEO of Heroic Yes! Productions. Jason has an MFA in Poetry from the University of Nebraska.  He knows the pain of perceiving one’s life through a lens of limitation and also the thrill of moving beyond that mindset.  For more information on Jason’s powerful message, or to book him to present to your organization, go to

Gracious, I’m Glad It’s Today!

Have you ever found yourself on Tuesday saying, “Wow, I wish it were Friday?”

Me too!

We should be careful, that’s a couple of days we are wishing away!

Or if you have a vacation coming up in a month, have you ever noticed yourself saying, “Gee, I wish I was already on vacation?”

And this could be a whole month that you are wishing to get past.

This is a great deal of life simply wished away.

And why are we doing all of this wishing?   Probably, we are predicting that our weekend or our vacation will be more joyful and fun than where we are and what we are doing right now.

I’ve found that having fun in any circumstance, whether one is at work, off for the weekend, or on vacation, is an act of creation, which requires focus on enjoying where we are and noticing opportunities to feel joy and have fun.

So even today, even if you are at work, try asking yourself, “How can I find joy and fun WITHIN this circumstance?”  Then focus on your answers.  This is your FUN FOCUS.

I realize as I write the last paragraph that it may sound overly simple.  I found that creating and maintaining a FUN FOCUS is simple, but not always easy.   I’ve observed that it’s very natural to long to be somewhere other than where we are.

But isn’t it exciting to think of how much more life we have available for our enjoyment if we cultivate the skills to focus on the joy and fun of today, even if today isn’t a Saturday or a holiday in Tahiti?

Let’s do our best to put today in FUN FOCUS.  Because who really wants to wait for the weekend or a vacation to have fun?

Game of the Day

How can you put today in FUN FOCUS?

Where Are You At This Moment?

We have the power. At least that is what I took for granted until my friend’s neighbor came over to say that he could no longer watch his TV show last Friday at about 3:45 pm.

Slowly, we realized that not only were televisions not working, but stop lights, cash machines, computers, and anything that required electricity was out of commission for us and about 5 million other people in Southern California, Arizona and even New Mexico.  Suddenly, everything was different.  It was a moment to remember.

Two Fridays ago, I was having a planning meeting with Ina, the speaking agent and creative director at Heroic Yes! Productions.  My cell phone rang and it was my dad with news that my mom is going in for quadruple bypass surgery the next day.

Ten years ago yesterday, most of us remember the moment we turned on the TV and saw planes flying into the Twin Towers and Pentagon.  Suddenly everything was different.

These were significant moments of rapid change and fear.

Tonight, reflecting on these moments, I started wondering… How can we become more aware of the moments when the lights are on, the moments when no one in our family is going in for major surgery, and not much is happening in the national news?

This moment as I type this blog post is a very nice moment.   My computer is drawing electricity.  My magnificent mom is home and continuing her courageous recovery from surgery.  Our world is a decade beyond the horror of 9/11.

How about your moment as you read this blog post?  What is it like?  What is abundant about it?  What do you appreciate about it?

Ok, I seriously doubt that ten years from now, I will be telling people about where I was the moment I wrote this blog post or that you will be recounting the moment you read it.

But when we cultivate appreciation of where we are in our ordinary moments, when everything is calm and nice, we realize the power to discover joy in our lives.  And with that power, we can shine regardless of whether or not the lights are on.

Game of The Day

Where are you at this moment?

Goals And Surprise

Goals may be most useful in that they focus our minds, words and actions on the good we desire.  We can create goals for the next day, the next week, the next year, the next ten years, or longer.  Whether it is around New Years or at some other time of a year, a goal creation party is important because in the process of goal creation we kindle a lighthouse in our future, something to set sail towards.

At the same time it’s empowering to remember that the lighthouse is very often not the destination of ships but only a generous guide to the shore the ship is sailing towards.

Goals can also be blinders.  For example, say your goal is to visit a park across town this weekend.  A friend suddenly calls and says she has an extra airline ticket to fly to New York, New York and she would love for us to come.  If you were firmly attached to goal visiting the park across town, you would say, “nope I already have plans.”  You would attain your goal of visiting the park across town, but miss out on the exhilaration of flying to New York for free on the spur of the moment with a great friend, as well as, the magic of being in that city.

Attachment to specific goals can lessen our chances of producing extraordinary results.  There are potentially millions of extraordinary opportunities that could fill us with joy, success and growth in the next year.  But if we limit our focus exclusively to just a few goals, we limit our ability to participate and find fulfillment in new opportunities.

Some of the best parts our next year may well happen when we aren’t trying to create success or fixated on a specific outcome but simply taking relaxed, joyful, present steps in the direction we want our next year to flow.  When setting a goal, one of my wonderful yoga teachers, Gretchen, always advised people to say, “this or something better.”

 Game of the Day

See what it is like to set a few goals today and plan to work towards them, while at the sometime acknowledging the surprise of life by saying, “this or something better.”