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 What People Say About Jason’s Presentations…

“Jason Freeman took my students from zero to 60 in under ten seconds …  I’ve had the privilege of seeing Freeman speak to students and professionals, and without question he’s one of the best—highly recommended.”    Gary Dop–Writer and Professor, Minneapolis, MN


A Sample of One of Jason’s Inspirational Presentations


Living a Heroic Life:

From Limitations to Extraordinary Results 

Have you ever been in a rush to get somewhere?  In a rush to be born, Jason Freeman lost oxygen as his umbilical cord was pinched in the birthing process.  As a result of the birth trauma, Jason developed a speech impediment and fine motor skill coordination issues.  Jason felt unusual and alone because of his limitations.  He interpreted his birth trauma as meaning he was severely limited in all areas of his life and would never achieve the breadth of his dreams.

It took over 25 years for Jason to realize the limitations of his speech impediment were nothing compared to the limitations he created in his thoughts, words and actions.   From the gift of his “disability,” Jason has discovered many ways of transforming these mind-created limitations into extraordinary results.

We all have the capacity to decide if we want to create limitations or extraordinary results.  Jason spent many years creating all varieties of limitations in his life to come up with a unique system for producing powerful results.

Jason is thrilled to share what he has learned to empower you to produce the extraordinary results you want in your personal and professional life.

Jason has the ability to engage audiences through the authenticity of his story, the playfulness of his humor, and the interactive format of his talks.  His presentations create an uplifting call to action.


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