Enjoy the following links to radio shows on which Jason Freeman has been interviewed.

Sow the Seeds of Self Confidence – Spark Your Ultimate Success 3/6/12

Nancy Battye interviews Jason Freeman in this powerful and deeply inspiring show about self-confidence.  Jason kicked off the five month teleseminar series that gathered 47 of the most powerful, insightful and inspiring Thought & Spiritual Leaders of our current time to support you through tools, lessons, and strategies to achieve greater success, inner peace and happiness in ALL areas of your life by increasing your level of Self Confidence! (NOTE: Audio does not start until 18 seconds into the recording.  You can whistle while you wait.)

Levity Life Radio:

Take Your Expert Hat Off – 11/8/11

Katie West, Founder of The Levity Institute, and Jason Freeman have a conversation about his love of walking and how vital wonder is in opening us to what is here now.  Jason will share his regular practice of “paradise walks” and how that allows him to have fresh eyes to view each day.

Levity Life Radio with Jason Freeman

GRAND Radio – 11/2/11

Jason Freeman and Ina Lukas are interviewed on the GRAND Radio show with host Barbara Beach.

Deep Impact of Laughter

Amazing Story of Success

Alzheimer’s Patients and the Impact of Laughter Yoga


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