Jason’s Story

Since I was young I have searched for ways to extend beyond my limitations to living the extraordinary life of my dreams.  

I was eager to be born and experience life, so I arrived a few weeks early and surprised my parents.  As the result of my haste my umbilical cord got pinched like a garden hose and I lost enough oxygen to almost die.  As I grew, I developed a pronounced speech impediment and some gross and fine motor coordination difficulties.  People had a hard time understanding me.  I wrote slower than a snail moves, and I also caught more than my share of basketballs with my glasses.

Now I am grateful for my birth trauma because it has helped me understand some important things about life that I can now share with others to inspire them to take steps towards living the extraordinary life of their dreams.

I will share three powerful things I discovered with you:

1. My physical limitations were small potatoes compared to the limitations I created for myself in my mind.  The good news is that I’ve found there are many practical ways to reduce the limitations we create in our minds.

2.  I’m not alone in experiencing limitations in my life.  To experience limitations of one sort or another is a very common human experience.  From this place of common experience, we can begin to talk about the lives we truly want to live.

3. There are countless ways of turning limitations into extraordinary results. This is my most exciting discovery.  I focus on turning the limitations we create in our minds, in our speaking and in our actions into extraordinary results.

I am grateful to the countless people throughout my life who have helped me discover these amazing things. Now I am honored to share them with you.