“I must say, if you have been listened to by Jason Freeman, you have been listened to on a very deep level.”
Dan Johnson, Laughter Coach, Owner of Joyful Living!

Are you seeking a life coach who listens to you, asks empowering questions, supports you as you take the next step, and motivates you to use laughter as a tool when facing stress?

My goal as a coach is not to give answers, but to help you open to the answers already within yourself.

As a Laughter Life Coach, I create space for my clients to realize their dreams.  I empower you to appreciate and celebrate who you are.

As your experienced guide, I ask powerful questions that help you gain clarity and perspective on your current life circumstances.   Within this space, you are able to examine the areas in your life where you find limitations, challenges, and anything less than the joy you truly want to experience.

We will use tools such as laughter exercises and play to help you move through these blocks and limitations, developing the freedom to create opportunities and joy where previously they didn’t exist.  

We will agree upon “homework” or challenges in each session. These challenges empower you to put your dreams into action.

Jason Freeman, MFA, is a Certified Laughter Life Coach who offers personal coaching by phone to clients all over the world.

Please contact Jason to set up a Free 30 Minute Consultation by calling 619-823-8536 or filling out the email form below.

“Laughter Life Coaching is a transformational process which creates or reestablishes the practice of laughter into one’s life. By combining the benefits of laughter with the focused approach of coaching, clients are able to bring more laughter into their lives and direct this energy towards their goals.”  

Katie West, founder of The Levity Institute and the Laughter Life Coach Certification Program