Wow! I Guess I’ll Wash That Bowl After All!

Our focus is so powerful.  I believe we are always focused on something.  We may be focused on what we truly want.  Or we may be distracted from the focus on what we truly want and so by default focused on what we don’t want.   In my case, I found out that I was really, really focused on wanting to wash a dirty bowl.  (Which is ironic because at that point I hadn’t washed dishes for a couple of days.)

True story!  A few weeks ago, I was hungry because I hadn’t eaten all day.   I was also in a hurry because I had things I wanted to do.

But I had to pause to wash a bowl because all of my bowls were dirty.

As I was washing a bowl, I looked at the pile of bowls next to the sink and noticed that the three-day old salad dressing in another bowl wasn’t looking too sharp.

So I literally started to have this intense debate in my head about whether or not I should take the time, the whole twenty seconds, out of my busy afternoon to wash the second bowl.

Just as I decided “No,” I don’t want to take the time, I dropped the bowl that I was washing in the sink and it cracked in two.

Wow! Now I no longer had to debate about washing the second bowl.

It’s interesting to note that I had been focusing on washing the second bowl and suddenly I created a situation in which I had to wash the second bowl.  Now did my focus on the second bowl cause me to directly drop the first bowl?  I don’t think so.

But my lack of attention on holding the first bowl caused me to drop it and that lack of attention was caused by my focus on the bowl I found disgusting.

A bright side of this story is I suddenly got an opportunity to wash the bowl with dirty salad dressing in it.  But to me the far greater lesson is just how strongly we as humans can focus and how as we focus we begin to create whatever we are focused on.  When we are distracted, we sometimes by default focus on creating what we don’t particularly want, (like broken bowls).  However, the magnificent news is that when we are focused on what we do want, we have amazing power.

Game of the Day

How can you HAVE FUN using your focus more deliberately to create the life that you want?

Jason Freeman is a professional writer, and a one-of-a-kind public speaker.  He is the founder and CEO of Heroic Yes! Productions. Jason has an MFA in Poetry from the University of Nebraska.  He knows the pain of perceiving one’s life through a lens of limitation and also the thrill of moving beyond that mindset.  For more information on Jason’s powerful message, or to book him to present to your organization, go to 

Attracting a Life of Happy Surprises

I used to think that the happy surprises of life happened totally by chance.  Now I believe that there is intention and a certain type of work behind creating many of the happy surprises in life.

Maybe we attract happy surprises to us like a magnet attracts a paper clip.  How does a magnet attract?  A magnet doesn’t attract by chance.  It is magnetized and also put in close proximity to the paper clip.

To become attractive to our dreams, first we need to really listen to ourselves and get to know our dreams.   We want to be sure that we are not working to attract the dreams that are not our own.

Once we are in touch with our true dreams, we can magnetize our lives to attract our dreams by figuring out what our dreams are attracted to.  For example, if your dream is that people will hire you to build their houses, a great course of action is to develop the skills to become the best carpenter you can.  For people who want to build a house are attracted to excellent carpenters.

To become attractive to our dreams, we attune our thoughts, words and actions to creating the magnet to attract our dreams. It takes daily practice to nurture the magnetism of our magnet.  This practice is work but a challenging and invigorating kind of work because it is in service of attracting our dreams.

The next step is to get our magnet in close proximity to that which we wish to attract into our life.  For example, I want to attract top-notch speaking opportunities at conventions and schools.  If the decision makers in those groups have no idea who I am, that is a function of my magnet not being in close enough proximity to them.  Though I would appreciate it, the people who decide to hire keynote speakers are not going to look me up randomly on the web and ask if I love to speak at conventions.

Once we design our magnet and place it in close proximity to that which we wish to attract, we then are in a wonderful position to attract happy surprises into our lives.  At this point, we don’t have to hard sell or manipulate our dreams into coming to us.  They are naturally attracted to our magnetism.  For example, excellent carpenters have no idea of exactly who will eventually hire them to build their house.  They do however have confidence in the attractiveness of their skills and that they will eventually have an abundance of jobs.

Nurturing the magnetism of our magnet and placing it in close proximity to our dreams leads to a successful life and joyful life.  What we attract creates a larger and more luminous life than we could have imagined.

Game of the Day

What dreams do you wish to attract into your life?

What actions can you take to strengthen the attraction of your dreams to you?

How can you get in closer proximity to your dreams?