Are You a Speaking Agent Who’s Passionate

About Transforming People’s Lives?

Heroic Yes! Productions is committed to empowering people to live vibrant lives full of transformation.  We bring to life our vision of a world in which people are able in body, mind and spirit by making transformation accessible through the concrete example of our speaker, Jason Freeman.

Due to birth trauma, Jason developed a pronounced speech impediment and some coordination issues.  For years, he chose to let these circumstances limit his life.  However, now he realizes that these circumstances are great gifts because they allow him to communicate with his audiences in a fresh and meaningful way.

Transformation looks unique to each individual, but the inspiration that fuels transformation is communal. At Heroic Yes! Productions, we help people remember that limitations are their invitation to living lives that inspire them.  Jason invites audiences to remember their value and that they have the power to create lives that bring them joy and peace of mind no matter their present circumstances.

Jason’s professional writing serves as an enriching platform for his speaking career.  Many of his writings can be seen on his website (www.heroicyesproductions.com) where they appear as a powerful e-book and as blog posts which are designed to inspire readers to turn limitations into extraordinary results.

The Speaking Agent who is a match to Heroic Yes! Productions would have an intuitive understanding of how to line Jason up with the speaking engagements where he could have the most impact on the audience, and the audience that would, in turn, have the biggest impact on him.

Our Speaking Agent realizes their financial sufficiency will come through this relationship, but they are not focused solely on high number results (even though great abundance is possible through this position).  We are looking for an agent who joins the Heroic Yes! Team because it’s what they’re here to do, it lights them up, it is their bliss.  Their work comes from their heart.

Our Speaking Agent would be a conduit between Jason and the audience,  someone who has the breadth of ability to appreciate the scope of Jason’s message and to understand how to match that message to the needs of audiences.

Jason is located in San Diego, so we are looking for a Speaking Agent who is well-connected in Southern California.

Are you the agent with the gifts we are looking for?  Do you want to work with an inspiring team that has created a culture of playfulness, laughter, and fun?  Our highest priority is maintaining alignment with who we truly are.  We are seeking a Speaking Agent who shares the same commitment to their own life.

Please email or call our Chief Happiness Officer, Ina Lukas, if you are inspired to become the Speaking Agent Extraordinaire at Heroic Yes! Productions.