Friday Minute of Excitement

There is a very important person you need to love today!

Click on the link to watch the video for a one-minute inspirational blast!

Jason Freeman is a professional writer, and a one-of-a-kind public speaker.  He is the founder and CEO of Heroic Yes! Productions. Jason has an MFA in Poetry from the University of Nebraska.  He knows the pain of perceiving one’s life through a lens of limitation and also the thrill of moving beyond that mindset.  For more information on Jason’s powerful message, or to book him to present to your organization, go to 

2 responses

  1. Jason, I’ve been watching and loving your Friday One Minute of Excitement videos! Your blog posts feed me (power bars for my soul, remember?), and now your videos are like Scotty just beamed you up to my world (get the Star Trek reference?). Keep going! Your big open heart, your creativity and your quirky (not kinky) sense of humor are powerful healing medicine!


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