It’s A Miracle That So Many Things Went Right

Who here, like me, was born?

(Ahh Jason, I think that would be anyone reading this post.  I know you were trying to make a joke, but really it’s not that funny.)

Well, Mr. Joke Critic, my point is, hmmm, what is my point?  Well, I guess my point is that to be born is an extraordinary thing and something we all have done.  We were all present at the miracle of our birth.  Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow!

(Ok, getting a little warmer Jason, but that fourth “Wow!” might have been a bit over the top.)

I’m really trying Mr. Joke (and Wow!) Critic.  Anyway, when we are born our lives start to happen.

(Wow!!! Jason!!! You must have a PHD!!! in the OBVIOUS!).

!!! to you too!  As I was saying our lives start to happen, and mine started to happen right away.  Oops! That’s obvious too.  What I mean to say is right away when I was born something SEEMED to go VERY wrong.

You see I was excited for my life to start to happen, so I decided to arrive a few weeks early and surprise my folks in the middle of the night.  I found out right away that what happens in the middle of the night is that people tend to sleep.  And this is in fact what my folks were doing, that is until I startled them awake.

Can you imagine waking up from a deep sleep to your baby starting to be born?

In the rush to the emergency room my umbilical cord got kinked like a garden hose for a period of time, but I imagine not for too long because I’m sitting here right now writing this.

(Now that was sort of funny.  Slowly improving with the jokes.)

Thanks Mr. Joke Critic.  So as the result of the happening called my umbilical cord being kinked, I was without oxygen long enough that there was some “damage.”  As I grew, it became apparent that I had a pronounced speech impediment and some fine motor coordination deficits.

(As well as joke telling deficits.)

Hey, enough from the peanut gallery!  As I grew, I noticed that I wasn’t like the other kids around me, that I wasn’t naturally good at sports or playing musical instruments.  So I choose to assume that SOMETHING WENT REALLY WRONG and that I was the victim of these circumstances that HAPPENED TO ME AND MY PARENTS when I was born.

I looked upon the happenings surrounding my birth with sadness and frustration for many years.  My self-talk was often sad and frustrated.

Through much internal healing and the love and wisdom of many people, my perspective slowly began to change.

Today I celebrate the fact that the circumstances of my birth signaled THE MIRACLE THAT MY LIFE WAS STARTING TO HAPPEN, the miracle that I wasn’t without oxygen for a longer period of time, the miracle that I can sit-up straight and type on a computer, the miracle that I didn’t die at the time of my birth, and THE MIRACLE THAT I’M ALIVE TO WRITE THIS.

(Wow that’s a miracle AND it’s a miracle that you didn’t attempt another joke!)

Game of the However Long It Takes

***I usually entitle this section of my posts “The Game of the Day,” but this process is important to let take the time it takes.  It may take a short time.  It may take a long time.  It’s all perfect! ***

What has happened in your life that when you think about it you feel that, “Something went really wrong?”

Honor your view that “Something went really wrong” during this happening and at the same time put it aside for a few minutes in the same way that you would put a project aside that you are not presently working on.

Once you put that view aside, just ask yourself the question, “If there are miracles hidden in this happening, what would they be?”  (If no answers come to you or you start feeling sad, frustrated or angry, put this “Game of However Long It Takes” aside and try it another day.)

If you get some answers really think about them and appreciate them.

How can you use your answers to move towards understanding your happening in such a way that you can say, “IT’S A MIRACLE THAT SO MANY THINGS WENT RIGHT.”

Jason Freeman is a professional writer, and a one-of-a-kind public speaker.  He is the founder and CEO of Heroic Yes! Productions. Jason has an MFA in Poetry from the University of Nebraska.  He knows the pain of perceiving one’s life through a lens of limitation and also the thrill of moving beyond that mindset.  For more information on Jason’s powerful message, or to book him to present to your organization, go to 


2 responses

  1. Jason, this is beautiful. What a lovely way to tell a bit of your story. I have loved you since we first met! Your curls and grin sucked me in.
    Thanks for sharing your knowledge via the net!

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