Are You “BUT-ing” Heads With Your Dream?

Have you ever had a thought that sounded something like, “WOW! I have this amazing dream, BUT here is why it won’t happen”?

I sure have! I have thought things like, “I want to be a highly successful writer, BUT I’m disorganized and undisciplined.”  “I want to be a highly successful public speaker, BUT I have a speech impediment.”

I want to be this, I want to do that, BUT I’m not worthy for such and such reasons.


I call this type of thinking “BUT-ing” heads with our dreams.  (Picture two rams butting horns, trying to see who’s the toughest.”

Have you ever started “BUT-ing” heads with one of your dreams?  How did it feel?  Who won?

But wait just a minute here!  How do we come to be “BUT-ing” heads with our dreams?  If our dreams are the reality that we want to live into, why are we abusing them by “BUT- ing” them?”

What I discovered through much trial and much error is that in all of this “BUT-ing” we are doing, we can confuse ourselves and begin to feel unworthy of our dreams coming into reality.


Maybe we could try building our “Dreams Coming True Worthiness Muscle” instead of our “BUT-ing” muscle.  (I know how it sounds AND, though funny, that is not what I mean.)

Picture two kittens lying close together and purring with delight.  This is how we want to be with our dreams, purring with worthiness and delight every time we think of them.  

Building our “Dreams Coming True Worthiness Muscle” is like building any muscle.  It takes practice, practice, and more practice.  (But when the practice is purring and feeling worthiness and delight, doesn’t it sound fun?)

Look for evidence of your WORTHINESS.  Focus on the COMPLIMENTS you receive from others.  Become your own POSITIVE SELF-TALK GURU.

So let’s all start our “Dreams Coming True Worthiness” workout today.  (And this workout doesn’t even require breaking a sweat, just BURSTING WITH DELIGHT.


Game of the Day

Build your “Dreams Coming True Worthiness Muscle”.”

Look for evidence of your WORTHINESS.

Focus on the COMPLIMENTS that you receive from others.


Burst with DELIGHT.


Jason Freeman is a professional writer, and a one-of-a-kind public speaker.  He is the founder and CEO of Heroic Yes! Productions. Jason has an MFA in Poetry from the University of Nebraska.  He knows the pain of perceiving one’s life through a lens of limitation and also the thrill of moving beyond that mindset.  For more information on Jason’s powerful message, or to book him to present to your organization, go to 


4 responses

  1. Jason I needed to hear this today…I am my own worse critic and I stop myself from doing so many things…thanks for the message…hope you are doing well…Philip is having fun out at your folks….

  2. Great post Jason! We wrapped up a 2-part Manifestation Series at the studio last night and I am so ready to be ‘purring’ with my dreams instead of standing in my own way. You wrote just what I needed to hear:) Thanks! ~ Jill

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