The One Side of the Mirror Over Which We Have Control

A few days ago, I observed a guy asking for money on the street.  Part of his sign said, “I’m Ugly.”  I felt for him and those feelings, as well as the feeling that he had to stand on the street with a sign to make ends meet.

To varying degrees, I have noticed that we attract reflections of who we believe ourselves to be into our lives.

When we stand in front of the mirror, what comes back to us is an echo of who are.  If I suddenly put on a cap, the person in the mirror suddenly puts on a cap.  Likewise, if I change the way I view myself, the world will, in some way, mirror this change back to me.  This is the simple language of mirrors and of life.

We intuitively know this, yet it is tempting to focus on changing or trying to manipulate the reflection in the mirror instead of focusing on our attitudes towards ourselves.

After I saw the guy standing on the street with the sign, I started wondering how often I have thought and felt the words “I’m Ugly,” or “I’m Not Good Enough” or something of the like.  I never made such a sign but I felt it through and through.  At those times, it’s almost as if I held up an Agonizing Invisible Sign of self-doubt and pain.

But there is awesome news!  Want to hear it?  If we can create invisible signs of self-doubt and pain, we can also create Magnificent Invisible Signs of confidence, self-love and joy.

Imagine walking into a business meeting with the invisible sign, “I’m Amazing” or walking into a party with an invisible sign, “I’m Full of Joy and Confident.”

We are magnificent people.  We deserve to hold up magnificent invisible signs. And we deserve to see the world reflect that magnificence back to us.

Game of the Day

Today notice the invisible signs that you are holding up.

How could you rewrite those signs to celebrate your magnificence?

Notice people who reflect your magnificent signs and become their friends because you reflect their best and they reflect your best.


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