Keeping It Short AND Sweet: In Praise of the Concise Conversation

I love great conversations with friends and family that last for hours, but in our daily lives there isn’t always time for such lengthy interactions.

So here comes the Short AND Sweet Conversation to save the day!  The Short AND Sweet conversation can be a wonderful way of communicating to people that you value them, while at the same time, taking care of any practical matters that may need to be addressed in the conversation.  In addition, the Short AND Sweet conversation respects the reality that you and the person you are conversing with may both be in the middle of very busy days.

Here are six Short AND Sweet Tips for creating a winning Short AND Sweet Conversation:

Concentrate – Focus on what the person is saying so that they feel heard and don’t have to repeat themselves.  Focus on what you are saying so that you stay attuned to the subject of the conversation and don’t stray off into digressions or side stories.

Keep It Polite – An easy way to get involved in a Lengthy AND Unfruitful conversation is by not being polite.  If you are not polite, your Short AND Sweet conversation is definitely no longer sweet and also very likely no longer short.  The person you’re talking with is offended.   You feel bad.  You apologize. The person you’re talking to accepts your apology (or doesn’t).  All of this foolishness takes time and creates drama.  Yuck!

Make Straightforward Requests – Respect the time of the person you’re talking with, as well as your own, by making requests in a clear, concise, and, of course, polite way.

Offer an HONEST Compliment – Go ahead, brighten the day of the person you’re talking to.  You make them feel good and strong, which adds joy to their day and strengthens your relationship to them.

Make Plans for a Future Conversation If Need Be – If it becomes clear that your Short AND Sweet conversation is turning into a Lengthy AND Detailed one, make plans with the person you are talking with to continue the conversation on an occasion when you both have plenty of time.

End On a High Note – Depending on the circumstances, this high note could be a high-five, a hug, well wishes for the rest of the day.  Or use your sense of the conversation to be creative and offer a final gorgeous high note to the conversation that leaves both of you happy as you part ways.

Game of the Day

Notice the Short AND Sweet conversations that you have today.


3 responses

  1. Hi Jason,

    Yes! Praise indeed to the short AND sweet conversation.
    I have a feeling I will refer to this time and again.

    Thank you!

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