Deadlines are Freedom

When I was in grade school, high school and even into college, deadlines were the bane of my existence.

Now I very much appreciate (and even on some days love) deadlines because they help me focus my efforts and achieve the extraordinary results I desire.

When I choose to complete a task or project by a deadline, I let my creativity flow, take action and manage my time much more wisely. And, as a super bonus, once I get a project done, it’s done and I have more freedom to move on to other things.

Think of a time when you had a deadline and completed your project on time.  How did you feel when you were done?

As a writer, I traditionally have much preferred creating rough drafts to revising.  Before I made friends with deadlines, I kept creating rough draft, after rough draft, after rough draft.  (You get the picture.)  A very small percentage of my writings ever got to the point that they felt finished and I was willing to publish them.  I have boxes of unfinished writings that attest to my past unwillingness to revise and create a finished product.

Do you have any areas of life where the absence of deadlines is affecting your ability to produce the extraordinary results that you truly want to produce?

I’ve found that there is a great deal of power to be had when we each create our own deadlines and do our best to stick to them. 

For example, I have the freedom not to post on this blog for months.   However, I have made a commitment to my readers and myself to publish at least two and usually three blogs per week.  If I want to remain true to this commitment, I have deadlines by which the blogs need to be completed and posted each week.  In the five months since I have been writing this blog, these deadlines have motivated me to complete and make public a far larger quantity of my writing, than I ever had before I began the blog.

Deadlines can indeed help us transform our ideas the extraordinary results we desire.

As I am writing this post, I have started wondering why we don’t say “livelines” instead of deadlines.   (I know, even with my newfound appreciation of deadlines, calling them “livelines” almost seems a bit too cheery.  But wouldn’t you rather complete a “liveline” on-time than a “deadline”?)

Game of the Day

What self-created deadlines could you create and become friends with?

How would these self-created deadlines help you create the extraordinary results you desire?


4 responses

  1. I definitely need to make friends with deadlines! There are some projects I would like to finish, and they aren’t going to finish themselves (though that would be really sweet if they did finish themselves – heh)!

  2. EXCELLENT point, Jason. I am inspired. I shall follow your example and create some livelines for myself — hooray for accountability to self on this journey of excellence and extraordinary results! 🙂

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