Gracious, I’m Glad It’s Today!

Have you ever found yourself on Tuesday saying, “Wow, I wish it were Friday?”

Me too!

We should be careful, that’s a couple of days we are wishing away!

Or if you have a vacation coming up in a month, have you ever noticed yourself saying, “Gee, I wish I was already on vacation?”

And this could be a whole month that you are wishing to get past.

This is a great deal of life simply wished away.

And why are we doing all of this wishing?   Probably, we are predicting that our weekend or our vacation will be more joyful and fun than where we are and what we are doing right now.

I’ve found that having fun in any circumstance, whether one is at work, off for the weekend, or on vacation, is an act of creation, which requires focus on enjoying where we are and noticing opportunities to feel joy and have fun.

So even today, even if you are at work, try asking yourself, “How can I find joy and fun WITHIN this circumstance?”  Then focus on your answers.  This is your FUN FOCUS.

I realize as I write the last paragraph that it may sound overly simple.  I found that creating and maintaining a FUN FOCUS is simple, but not always easy.   I’ve observed that it’s very natural to long to be somewhere other than where we are.

But isn’t it exciting to think of how much more life we have available for our enjoyment if we cultivate the skills to focus on the joy and fun of today, even if today isn’t a Saturday or a holiday in Tahiti?

Let’s do our best to put today in FUN FOCUS.  Because who really wants to wait for the weekend or a vacation to have fun?

Game of the Day

How can you put today in FUN FOCUS?


2 responses

  1. Tired from work and unenjoyable dreams, I awoke anxious today. My joy was stopping everything and deciding to “do nothing.”

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