Riding the Octopus and Choosing The New Year

There seem to be more forecasts about 2012 than there are about most years.  I’m not big on forecasts in general, so throughout the year, I have paid little attention to the large variety of forecasts for 2012.

But last night, oddly enough, I did stumble upon one 2012 forecast I loved.   I purchased the Tropical Escape DayMinder, in which tropical scenes form the backdrop of each calendar page.  I checked out the backdrop for December 2012, which is a palm tree, beach, ocean and a few billowy clouds in the sky.  Judging from how next December looks in my DayMinder, 2012 is going to be a year of peace, relaxation and sun.  I like this peace and joy forecast.

Then tomorrow there will be the Time Square Forecast.  The ball will drop and there will be a mighty celebration as people look forward to a wonderful year.  I like celebratory forecasts.

We can CHOOSE what forecasts we pay attention to.

However, sometimes I haven’t chosen wisely.

When I was the teenager, twice I went to the Minnehaha County fair and decided to ride the Octopus.  The Octopus was a ride in which each leg had a set of seats on it.  The legs went up and down, the seats twisted and twirled, and, in addition, the whole Octopus contraption spun.

Now the Octopus looked like a great deal of fun from a distance.  But once I boarded and the ride commenced, I quickly discovered that I became what I can only be described as violently dizzy.  To make matters more problematic, I felt that there was no way to ask the person running the ride to stop it and let me off.

So I felt miserable as the ride kept spinning and spinning and spinning.  Then mercifully, the ride finally came to an end, but unfortunately my head would feel like it was exploding for the rest of night.

I can see why I choose to experience this ride once.  But why in the world would I choose to inflict this pain on myself on another occasion?

The Octopus ride was an opportunity that I chose to take advantage of, only to regret my decision.

It is exciting to reflect upon how much freedom we have to choose which opportunities we take advantage of in life and which we decide to forgo.

My experience with my DayMinder and the Octopus leaves me pondering – What forecasts am I going to choose to listen to and what opportunities (rides) am I going to choose to go on in the New Year?

May we choose the forecasts and opportunities that bring us peace, joy and celebration in 2012!  Happy New Year!

Game of the Day

Stepping into 2012, what forecasts are you going to choose to listen to?

What opportunities are you going to choose to forego?

What opportunities are you going to choose to take?


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