You Are the Best!

You Are The Best!  You Are The Best!  You Are the Best!

(At this moment, you might be thinking, “Whoa, Jason, how can you say this?  You don’t even know that I am reading this blog now.   You might well not even know me.”)

When my parents used to tell me that I was the best,  I would wonder how can this be?  I’m obviously not the best basketball player, the best cook and most decidedly not the best auctioneer.  How can this be that I am the best?

However at age thirty-six, I awoke this morning suddenly aware that I am the best and that moreover You Are The Best!

How can I say this?

Well, you are an original, there is an exact copy of you nowhere else in the world.

So you are the best you the world has.

This is amazing!

Since you are the best, a more significant question might be, do you treat yourself as the best?

Think of how the staff at the Louvre treat the Mona Lisa.  Do you handle yourself with such appreciation, awe, and care?

You are the only one in the world who has the power to contribute to the world exactly what you  contribute.

You are priceless!

Your actions make a difference!

You ARE The Best!

Game of the Day

How are you going to treat yourself since you are the best?

Extra credit:   Say, “I Am The Best!” out-loud five times.

Extra Extra Credit:   Shout, “I Am The Best”  ten times.

Extra Extra Extra Credit:  Believe in your heart that “You Are The Best.”



10 responses

  1. Thats a really great Post Jason. Saying it and shouting it make a huge difference in believing it too! Thanks for the prompt.
    -Erik West

  2. Jason, I know why your parents said that to you—-because THEY ARE THE BEST!
    We miss seeing them and you!
    Happy New Year!
    Cousin Kate

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