Are You Betting on Your Acorns?

Today as I write this blog, I can gaze out  the window of the computer room in my parent’s house and gaze at a huge burr oak tree.  The massive tree leads me to reflect on the power of acorns.  Yes, I’m home for the holidays and thinking about acorns.  (I doubt that this is common!)

If I didn’t understand the relationship of an acorn to an oak and someone told me if I stick an acorn in the ground, I could be sitting under the shade of a great tree someday, I might think they were pulling my leg.  (And pulling it hard.)

The actual substance of our dreams can sometimes seem as small as an acorn.  Then when we imagine our dream growing into a reality as substantial as an oak tree, we can feel like we are pulling our own leg.  (And pulling it hard.)

If you pick an acorn up and try to squeeze it, not much happens.  The shell on the seed that becomes an oak appears to be solid.  In the same way, the circumstances that could prevent our dreams from growing, can appear solid.

The purpose of the shell around the acorn is not to keep  it small forever.

Our present circumstances do not dictate that the substance of our dreams have to stay small.

The success and majesty of a stately oak is hidden within the hardness of the present circumstances surrounding an acorn.  That acorns can eventually turn into a forest of oaks defies imagination.

The potential of our acorns are truly amazing.

As we create our goals and vision for 2012, let’s bet on our acorns.

Game of the Day

1. Think about your dreams.

2. What present circumstances around your dreams appear like a shell that will prevent them from growing?

 3. Are you ready to bet on your acorns?


2 responses

  1. Hi Jason,

    I like thinking about how that hard shell protects the tender potential bits inside, and when conditions are favorable, the shell softens or cracks, and the seed starts to sprout.

    I remember as a curious youngster using a rock to crack open acorns and tasting the bits inside, and man was it bitter! While it may provide some valuable nutrition in a survival situation, I do not recommend eating raw acorns!

    But that made me think about nurturing my seeds, and rather than forcing them to fruition with bitter results, I want to set them up with all they require to grow and develop into strong seedlings with deep tap roots so they may continue to grow into mighty oaks.

    I’ll be betting on my acorns for 2012!

    Thanks for the inspiration!

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