I Was Successful, but Shhh! Don’t Tell Anyone

Have you ever been successful at something and kept it a secret?

I pose this question because I have hidden many of my successes throughout my life.

On one hand, hiding our successes seems harmless or even like a considerate course of action.

On the other hand, we are often attracted and inspired by the success of others.  Take the Olympics for instance.  The Olympics inspires spectators all around the world to aim high, challenge their limits and go for their dreams.

Now can you imagine if the Olympics took place in total secrecy?  If this were the case, fans would not be allowed to attend.  The events would not be televised.  The results would never be released to the media.  Basically, no one besides the athletes and the organizers would ever know the Olympics took place.

It makes me sad to even consider this imaginary scenario.  Yet, we hide the personal Olympics of our lives when we don’t share our successes with others.  We succeed, but then by being silent, we miss an opportunity to inspire others to aim high, challenge their limits and go for their dreams.

So in this spirit of inspiring each other, I will share a great success that I realized recently.  During yoga class a couple of days ago, I was able to get up into a headstand against a wall, BY MYSELF!  This is a huge deal in my life!  Five years ago me doing a headstand was as likely as me getting hired by Santa to give a motivational speech to all the deer at the North Pole.  I was certain that I was never going to do a headstand because I was certain that I was disabled.

Then for the last four years, I have been attending yoga classes, slowly building the strength, focus, patience and confidence to do a headstand as well as many other poses.


When we share our successes with the intention of inspiring others to realize their own, we offer them an invaluable gift.

I urge you to proclaim the personal Olympics that is your life.  When you do this, you give others a chance to Dream of the Gold and Go For It!

Game of the Day

Share a success that you have enjoyed with at least three people today with the intention of inspiring them to

Dream of the Gold and Go For It.


4 responses

    • Congratulation Dan on your latest Gold Medal truimph in you personal Olympics! I was fortunate enough to be the client for one of the chakra readings. What an amazing experience, that has definitely empowered me through this week! Thank You!

  1. Jason, congratulations on your headstand! Terrific!

    My personal Olympics–I recently collaborated with Sioux Falls artist Betty Beer, writing poems in response to portraits she created. Her portraits will be in an exhibit at the South Dakota Museum of Art starting next May along with my poems and work by other poets who created poems in response to her work. I loved creating the poems, and Betty loved reading them!

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