Appreciating The One Certainty of Life 

To me, the fact that I will die one day seems downright bizarre.  I mean here I am, thirty-six which means for over thirty-six years I have been living.  (That may have been more than slightly redundant).  Anyway living is what I know.  I am so used to waking up each morning.  I am so used to life.  The idea of not being here, the idea of my death, well, baffles me.

Which actually, believe it or not, is a big improvement from how I felt when I was younger.  Back then, the idea of dying freaked me out, stressed me out, and made me sad as all get-out. I reflected on the reality that I would one day perish with high frequency. No, frankly, I obsessed about having to die one day sometime in the future.

I was a healthy kid.  And I was spending my time angry about my mortality.  What the heck was I doing thinking about my own death all the time?   I was sure busy making myself a victim of something that is just as much a part of the life cycle as being born, and letting it disrupt my life.

Today in yoga, my teacher said something about appreciating that we will one day die because it makes each of our moments more unique and richer.

Appreciating the fact that we are going to one day die?   Not being the victim of having to eventually die?

This sounds like extraordinary freedom to me and has gotten me thinking about what I appreciate about the one certainty of life.

At this point in the post, I was hoping to whip out a clever Top Ten List of both humorous and profound things I appreciate about having to die one day.



Well I’m sorry to disappoint, but I guess that list isn’t coming today.

However, I love the idea of appreciating that we will one day die instead of feeling doomed and depressed by the idea.

In those years when I chose to spend lots of my time fearing death, I realize now that I was deadening my days with fear.

Maybe appreciating the one certainty of life, instead of fearing and being angered by it, is a key to living a rich and full life.

(In that case, I best work on my clever Top Ten List!)

Game of the Day

What did you think about and what emotions did you feel as you read this blog?

Share those thoughts and the emotions that you felt with at least one person.


2 responses

  1. Having recently watched a love one die, I can honestly say that we are not these bodies. The breath in us is consciousness -eternal consiousness. Perhaps we are less scared of dying and actually scared of being eternal beings. To be an endless being (not an endless ego though) now there is something to be scared of….ha ha. As we come to wrestle with that we are so much more than this flesh, we get to discover this more-ness which is riding inside of each inhale and exhale.

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