The Greatest Song You Can Sing

Before we get to the greatest song you can sing, consider a silly but scrumptious example.

To eat a chocolate chip cookie, you need to think about wanting a chocolate chip cookie or even better, sing a chocolate chip cookie song.  (If chocolate chip cookies aren’t your snack of choice, please insert you a snack that you savor here.)

A dandy chocolate chip cookie song could start like this:

I want a chocolate chip cookie.  Yum, Yum, Yum!

I would love a chocolate chip cookie.  La, La, La!

Chocolate cookies fill me with glee.  Hee, Hee, Hee!

(Depending on how much you want to savor your glorious snack, you can create an extensive refrain and as many verses as you want.)

Once you have a chocolate chip cookie song you have a better chance of successfully finding or baking an absolutely amazing chocolate chip cookie.

By composing and singing a chocolate cookie song, you will naturally begin considering how you can make a chocolate chip cookie come into your life.From this point, you may well begin contemplating possible options: buying pre-made, purchasing baking ingredients, going to a cookie shop.  You will likely choose a method of obtaining a chocolate chip cookie and start considering the steps it will take to convert this method into a tasty reality.

Singing the chocolate chip cookie song focuses you on creating an outcome in which you get to eat a chocolate chip cookie.

Now consider the power of the songs we commonly sing.  These songs have titles like “I Have No Time,” “I Have No Money,” “I Can’t Do It,” “My Life Is So Hard,” “Nobody Loves Me,”  “My Dreams Are Impossible. ”   We sing these songs over and over again and they can become our habitual soundtrack.

Are these the greatest songs we can sing?

Your dreams are far more scrumptious than chocolate chip cookies.  What are the words of your powerful dream songs?

Have fun creating your powerful dream songs.  They don’t need to be perfect, just make you happy and help you keep your focus on your dream.

Sing them over and over again in the shower, in the car, before you go to bed, when you wake up.   You can even share the words to your powerful dream songs in conversations with friends, family and colleagues.  (You may want to just say the words in this case instead of singing them.)

It takes concentration to keep playing your powerful dream songs because your habitual soundtrack will often still compete for airtime.

Changing the songs you consistently sing is a fun first step to transforming your life.

Game of the Day

Create your powerful dream songs. Start singing and keep singing!


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