The Ocean Smells Under My Sink

At one beach I go to near San Diego, I am continually amazed that surfers with long boards above their heads walk the steep half-mile from parking lot to beach in their bare feet.

I’m from South Dakota.  My feet are accustomed to the comfort of socks. Ok, ok, I admit I will walk down to this beach wearing socks with my sandals.  At the same time, I commit this beach fashion blunder; I have the gall not to carry a surfboard.  (The Beach Boys most definitely wouldn’t be impressed.)

On the trail down to the beach, the view of the Pacific is National Geographic quality.  This expanse of pristine blue water reminds me of the thrill we feel when we realize our dreams.  The world seems limitlessness, like we can be content surfing forever on the waves of our accomplishments.

Once on the beach, I usually take my sandals and socks off and carry them while I walk.  I blend in a little better strolling in my bare feet.

However, when I put socks back on my wet feet before hiking up the steep path to the parking lot, I inevitably get a plentiful amount of sand along with salt water in my socks.

The best plan when I get home would be to find the outside spigot and rinse out my socks.  However, I’ve developed what seemed at first like a much more efficient system.  I simply place my ocean-wet sand covered socks in a bag under my sink.

When we realize our dreams, sometimes the tendency is to hide them away.  We naturally do this to keep what we have gained safe from harm.  We may try to hide our oceanic dreams in a very small space like under a (metaphorical) sink.

But in this process of hiding what we most love, we often have to shrink the radiance and vastness of our dream.

And what happens?  I don’t know for sure.  But what I can tell you is that I’m starting to notice that the ocean stinks, (in fact smells downright rank) under my sink.  (And I don’t use rank lightly.)

This smell is educating me that the ocean has little desire to be hid under a sink.

The odor under my sink sets me to ponder:  Can we live with the vastness and radiance of all we are capable of creating in our lives without clinging to it like sand to a wet sock and trying to hide it away?

I say YES!  What do you say?

(I also say I best do something about those socks.)

Game of the Day

How are you treating the oceans in your life?


2 responses

  1. Dear Jason,

    I also say yes! I sure enjoyed your analogy. You encouraged me to think about my own stinky socks under the sink.

    Something else came to mind regarding dreams and aspirations. I have found myself so taken with a dream that I exhaust myself just thinking about the possibilities. For me it is like proclaiming the beauty of a piece of ripe fruit I hold in my hand, and going on and on until before I know it the fruit has gone rotten within my grasp!
    I have learned that this this self-exhaustion does not necessarily exhaust the dream, just maybe that I can let the idea simmer for a while or, more wonderfully, act on the dream!

    Lotsa love,

    • Thanks for inspiring me Rachel! I like your notion of letting a splendid idea simmer or even more wonderfully, acting on it right when it is ripe. The metaphor of the ripe apple is most excellent and vivid. Thanks for sharing it!

      Lotsa love,

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