From a Stuck Window to Creating a Wonderland

Sometimes it is interesting to focus on achieving small dreams because such achievements bring pleasure.  We also build our dream-achievement-muscles, so that we are dream-fit as we work to achieve greater dreams.

My small dream of this afternoon was to open one of my apartment windows.  (See, I told you we were starting with small dreams.)

On my first attempt to achieve this small dream, I found that the window was firmly jammed shut. Upon further examination, I couldn’t budge the window, even though I tried five or six times to push it up.  Instead of moving, the window stayed-put, but my back started groaning.   So the solution of me pushing on the window wasn’t leading anywhere.

At this point, I entered SHOULD LAND.  I SHOULD have enough strength to push the window up.  The window SHOULD work correctly in the first place.  I SHOULD be doing other things than worrying about this window.

I could keep straining with the window until I either hurt my back or broke the window.  At this point, I would promptly travel from SHOULD LAND to SELF-CREATED NIGHTMARE LAND.

Or I could resign myself to the window being shut to the point that I forget that the window even opens.  By doing this, I would reach the foggy shores of DENIED FORGOTTEN LAND.

Alternatively, I have the option of simply accepting the reality that I tried a sufficient amount of times to open the window with my first approach and…it didn’t work.

Then, I could refocus myself towards a place of wonder, as in, “I wonder what other approaches could accomplish my small dream of having the window open?”

In this small dream case, the answer to my wondering came to me very quickly.  All I needed to do was ask one of the kind maintenance people to come up to my apartment and create a way to open the window.

Today, as we encounter circumstances that frustrate us, let’s open a window to wonder instead of berating ourselves in SHOULD LAND, languishing SELF-CREATED NIGHTMARE LAND or getting totally lost in DENIED FORGOTTEN LAND.

When we open a window to wonder are we in WONDERLAND. (When I open up my heart to write a blog, I find that I sometimes tend towards cheesy endings.)

(This would be one such instance)

(Second try)- May you open all the windows in your life that you dream of opening.  (Slightly better ending.  But if you can come up with a superb ending, please say it out loud to yourself now.)

Game of the Day

Think of a small dream that is causing you some frustration.

Where are you in relation to this small dream at the moment? In DENIED FORGOTTEN LAND?  In SHOULD LAND? In SELF-CREATED NIGHTMARE LAND?

What would it look like to relocate yourself to a place of wonder?

What would it be like to refocus yourself to a place of wonder, and wonder what other approaches could bring your small dream into reality?



8 responses

  1. Greetings Jason!

    Today’s blog post resonated with me. The way you phrase things hits the mark with me, like “self-created nightmare land”- your words remind me that I have the ability to control, or rather, direct my thoughts and attitude, and no one can take that away. That is something I first learned from reading Elie Weisel’s book “Man’s Search for Meaning”, and your words renewed that lesson for me today.

    Thank you Jason!

    Lotsa love,

  2. Hello again Jason!

    This morning it suddenly occurred to me that “Man’s Search for Meaning” was written by Victor Frankl, not Elie Weisel! At other times, I may have stressed myself for such an error, but I chose not to enter should land, nor self-created nightmare land. I choose wonderland! Yes!!!

    Lotsa love,

  3. Hi Jason,

    You created a powerful metaphor/image from your literal experience, one that resonated with me too! See, that MFA is coming into play!

    This is random, but a few days before your post, I had a dream that I was trapped in a house with my little girls. Every time I turned a corner or went up or down a set of stairs, I would run into a new door. I knew that I was trapped, because all the doors just led to more rooms with more doors. So, I gathered my little girls (who were with me in the dream) and kicked out a window so we could jump to freedom.

    I keep thinking about my dream and your blog post. There’s some connection between my dream and your window/metaphor. I keep thinking, too, about the saying, “When God closes a door, he opens a window.” In your case, it wasn’t a closed door but a window. When God closes a window, Jason figures out a way to open it!

    You’re such a lovely person.


  4. Like your other commenters, I found this to be a wonderful metaphor. I’ve found that the only way to accomplish a goal of any size is to break it down into smaller steps. This way, I can reward myself with a sense of accomplishment after I complete each step! 🙂

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