What’s Between Where You Are Now And Your Dreams?

I’ve noticed that questions like this can be very conceptual and sometimes difficult to make concrete.  So let’s play a game.  (Don’t worry this game will be much shorter than Monopoly.)

Let’s depict your present reality and your dreams.   First, hold out your left hand and point it towards the left. (Yes, if you are at the office or in some other public place, it is perfectly fine to do this subtly so that you don’t attract stares or your boss’ curiosity.)

Ok, close your eyes and for a minute really see your present situation.   Place your present situation in your left hand.  (If your boss is nearby, pretend that you are closing your eyes to come up with the next idea to make your company tens of millions of dollars.)

Once you have had a chance to appreciate your present situation, hold out your right hand and point it towards the right.  Close your eyes and see your dreams in the most vivid detail that you can.  Place your dreams in your right hand.

With your left hand extended out representing your present circumstances and your right hand extended out representing your incredible dreams, I have a question for you.

What is in between you and your dreams?

The person who is holding their arms out (and keeping their eyes peeled for the boss), that’s who!

We are the creative link between our present situation and our dreams.

In the old days, this type of illustration would have filled me with frustration.  I would have thought that it was too simple and not wanted the responsibility that it implied.

I used to hold responsibility as a heavy burden, as in, “If I screw up, I will be RESPONSIBLE.”

Now I see responsibility as the key to freedom.  I am in awe that I have the choice of being responsible for creating my dreams.

But even with this new understanding, if you are anything like me, this responsibility can seem more than a little daunting.  So now notice your outstretched hands.  (I assume that you are still holding the pose as you read this, right?)

Now what can your hands do?

They can hold the outstretched hands of two other people and those two people have an outstretched hand each to hold onto another’s hand.  So suddenly, not only are you the key to your dreams coming true but you are also connected to a group of people, all of whom are in the middle of creating their dreams.  (If your boss is around, do this exercise with him or her and start singing Kumbaya.)

Isn’t it cool that we are the link between our current situation and creating our dreams?  Isn’t it neat that we can form community with others committed to creating their dreams?

Game of the Day

How can you apply this exercise to your life and to realizing your dreams?


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