I got asked today to be on a radio show.  The subject of the show is wonder.  I instantly became excited.  When the request to be on the show came this morning, it occurred to me that wonder is a natural antidote to frustration and fear.  When we concentrate on the wonder of life, this focus takes our mind off thoughts that cause us frustration and fear.

For example, today I wanted to accomplish what I choose to regard as an insane amount of tasks.  I had a choice, I could either shift into high fear mode and say there was simply no way to get everything on my To-Do list done.   And as a consequence, life would be awful and on and on and on.

Or I could say, “This is interesting that I currently have so much to do that I am really wondering how I will get it all done.”

Just as I was reflecting on the subject of wonder and To-Do list overwhelm, I happened to be in a grocery store checkout line.  The person ahead of me had a ton of stuff in her cart.  AND her seven-year-old son took it upon himself to help out by handing each item to the cashier.

If I had been in a place of fear about getting everything on my To-Do list accomplished, I would have been miserable with the idea that the young kid was moving too slow. The cart was taller than he was, so he had to stretch to reach in the cart to retrieve the items one at a time.

Luckily, I was able to switch my focus from “OH NO!” to “OH WOW!”

From a place of wonder, the kid’s contribution was perfect.  As I watched the young boy, I was moved by the immense pride and joy that he was taking in his work.  I was also touched that both his mother and the cashier were equally thrilled by what he was doing.  They were letting him do this task and feel important, instead of having the attitude that they could accomplish it much faster.

A situation that I could have made into a major “OH NO!” became one of the highlights of my day.

And what more, by taking the opportunity to be in wonder instead of in a fearful hurry, I was able to observe a majestic occurrence, which I am now writing about in this blog post.  And may I point out that writing this blog post was one of the many tasks I had slated for today?

Focusing on what is wonderful is not only is an antidote to fear, but gives us both the material and the happiness to create amazing days.

Game of the Day

The next time you feel an “OH NO” attitude coming on, try shifting to an “OH WOW” attitude.   How does this shift change your experience?


2 responses

  1. Jason,

    I started out my day with To-Do list overwhelm, but I made a conscious decision to focus on the wonder of life and on synchronicity.

    I could have easily had an “OH NO!” day, but because I put myself in a place of wonder and openness instead of a place of fear from the very start (the 8 a.m. meeting I almost missed but didn’t due to synchronicity!), it’s been a one-“OH WOW!”-after-another day.

    Reading your blog post was another “OH WOW!” in my day. Thank you for being such an “OH WOW!” person!

    Please let me know how the radio show on wonder goes and if we can listen to it. You’ll be amazing.

    Warmest wishes,

    • Marianne,

      I love how you transformed a day that could have potentially gone in an “OH NO” direction into an “OH WOW!” day. That is power!

      Thanks all you do to create an “OH WOW!” world!


      ps- post the link to the radio show is in progress- stay turned!

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