Success Is Not The Same Old Same Old

We want outrageous success in our lives and yet at the same time often resist the newness of even positive change because it represents the unknown.

This struggle can even be seen in our answers to the common greeting, “What’s up?”

In the past when I got this question, I would catch myself answering, “Nothing much.”

What was I really conveying with this response?  Maybe I was conveying that I was highly comfortable in my routine and not looking for any big changes.

Evidently, I wasn’t even looking for an in-depth conversation with the person asking me the question.  (I guess this to be the case because the answer, “Nothing much” pretty much says, “I don’t really have anything of value to talk with you about.  And furthermore, if we do talk for much longer, I can pretty much guarantee that our conversation will be as boring as looking at a computer monitor when it is shut off.”)

The unknown, even if it’s intensely positive, can sometimes bring up feelings of insecurity and FEAR.  (I put fear in all caps in honor of Halloween being this past Monday. Doesn’t fear look spookier than it really is when it is in all caps?)

New success involves creating new routines and participating in life in a new way.   Along with that success the answer to the question, “What’s up?” changes from “Nothing” to “Everything.”

Consider the “Everything” scenario.

Someone asks you, “What’s up?”  And you respond excitedly, “Everything.”   They get excited and ask, “Like what?”  (This person is particularly fond of asking you two-word questions.)

You start talking about every area of your life that you are realizing success and contentment in.  The person you are talking with is a good listener and keeps asking you more questions.  Through this conversation, you begin to realize that in the past six months pretty much everything in your life is UP.  How exciting!

Then you start to get a little concerned.  You begin to contemplate, “Who am I now that success has changed every aspect of my life?”

Part of you panics as you think frantically, “I was so comfortable six months ago.  I knew my routine. Everything was predictable.  Why in the world did I start chasing those crazy dreams that now involve lots of work and are unpredictable?  I miss being able to say ‘Not much’ when someone asks me ‘What’s up?  Those were the good old Not Much Days.”

Then you comfort yourself by thinking, “It is like when I was a kid, and growing out of shoes almost as fast as my folks could buy them.  I was so proud to be growing.  I’m now experiencing great growth through success, so why not be proud, why not savor success?”  (You see your point and with your vivid imagination pat yourself on the back for making such a great point, but part of you frets that along with your success you are beginning to sound like the inspirational posters you used to look at in K-Mart but never bought because you wanted to save your money to buy a Yoda Halloween costume.)

May we all be ready to grow (like our feet when we were kids) into our “Everything” life.

(You are amazing.  I am amazing. We are amazing. Yay!)

Game of the Day

What’s up?

How can you grow into your “Everything” life?



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