The Imperfect Blog Post

One day a few weeks ago, my friend Carlos M. Santiago pointed to his head and commented that, “Bad days are in here.”  I immediately wanted to write a blog about his wise words, for I know that at different points in my life, I have created a great deal of misery for myself centered around an abundance of repetitive fear-based thoughts.  You know the kind of thoughts that set the body tossing and turning in the middle of the night.

I even came up with a clever title for this blog, “Good Days Are An Inside Job.”

But right now I’m not feeling so clever.  I’m feeling like I have a ton of work to do in the next few days, work that at this point looks more like a limitation than an extraordinary result.

I reckon that right now I’m creating a bad day in my head.  How can this be?  I went to meditation and a yoga class this morning.  This condition is simply not a good fit for me, as I am The Limitations To Extraordinary Results Guy.  But alas it is how I feel at the moment.

I realized just before writing this that the bad day I’m creating in my head stems from the desire to be perfect.  To perfectly plan out the rest of my Sunday, to write the perfect blog post, to have a perfectly perfect day.

How many times do you avoid going for your dreams because you fear that you won’t do something perfectly?

I had an amazing experience with imperfection earlier this week.  I went across town to donate blood.  While I was sitting waiting to donate, I remembered that I would be advised not to do any strenuous activities for the rest of the day.  The problem was that I was very excited about going to my regular hot yoga class later that evening.

 I was bummed until I figured out an imperfect solution.  I could still go to the yoga class and just sit or lay down and breathe deeply.

 A perfect solution?  Not by a long shot.  But this imperfect solution ended up being deeply rewarding.  I had an amazing opportunity to experience a yoga class in a whole new way.  I also learned that it feels better to be where the activity you want to participate in is going on than to be miles away feeling awful that you can’t participate fully.

So today, I am writing an imperfect blog post for you.

I give you this imperfect blog on a Monday because I want to encourage you to take action towards your dreams and not let desire to be perfect and fear of failure keep you from participating fully in your life.  The next time perfectionism starts to immobilize you and keep you from moving forward, just remember that imperfection is done with the project and on to the next, to the next one, while perfectionism has barely started on the first.  (This is a very imperfect saying and most likely not totally accurate, so feel free to choose another one to motivate you.)

Just figure out how to “Go for it!” (Note – I’m using a cliché at the end of my blog, very imperfect.)

The Imperfect Game of The Day

The next time you feel perfection stopping you in your tracks, follow this four-step process:

1.  Say, “Bad days are in here,” and point to your head.

2.  Say, “I create imperfect but good days, for good days are an inside job” and point again to your head.

3.  Say, “I’m going for it.”

4.  Go For It!


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  1. So glad that you enjoyed this! I found out I had much more fun once I set my mind to writing an imperfect blog post than when I was trying to write a perfect one. I wonder if the same goes for all of life. Hmmm…

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