A Formula For A Happy Life

 An essential note: This formula is simple, and not always easy.

Unwanted circumstances occur: flat tires, high drama,

birth trauma, headaches, heart aches, heart attacks,

stock market crashes, computer crashes, road closures,

foreclosures, drought, flood, mud, muck, yuck.

Think!  What unwanted circumstances are you allowing to cause struggle and fear in your life?  You know the circumstances that are frustrating you right now.

This is why I ask.  Unwanted circumstances equal your freedom to make a choice:

You can disable your circumstances.

You can create problems out of your circumstances.

You can birth limitations from your circumstances.

You can make your circumstances as fixed and hard as a stone.


You can seize the freedom to create opportunities from your circumstances.

You can discover the gifts in your circumstances.

You can explore the possibilities within your circumstances.

You can realize that your circumstances are as fluid water cascading over stones.

You are amazingly powerful!  You have the power to create your happy life.

Game of the Day

What emotions come up for you as you read this post?

Think of a time when you have transformed an unwanted circumstance into a circumstance that brought you joy.  How did you go about creating this transformation?

When you encounter your next unwanted circumstance, what will you do to recreate it into an opportunity for happiness and growth?


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