The Bottom Line Is Joy

Without happiness, our work can become the serious mechanics of making money instead of the joy of making a living.  When times get tough at work, often one of the first things we cut from our day is our satisfaction.  We replace satisfaction with stress, frustration and the like.

I’ve started reflecting upon this question:

Are we more productive and creative at work when we are happy or when we are miserable?

Some days when I’m working I notice that I can indeed become stressed out, frustrated and unhappy.  These feelings have actually occurred more often than I like to admit.

And the funny thing is that part of my training has included becoming a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader and Teacher, as well as, a Laughter Life Coach.

One would think that these three credentials would inoculate me from creating miserable days at work.

However, I have found that even these great credentials don’t save me from miserable days at work; rather it takes constant practice to create joy and bring it to the job.

At work, we can play and have fun, while being productive, if we keep practicing and practicing.

This practice is important because being miserable not only limits our quality of life but our ability to be creative and achieve results.

While the circumstances of our work may be challenging, we have the power to create these circumstances as playful and rewarding, rather than miserable.  We can move from feeling like a victim of our work to being the joyful hero of our work.

The key is the daily practice of creating ways to play and laugh at work while still being productive.

So let’s all create happiness, quality, results and a strong bottom line!

Game of the Day

How can you create happiness at work even when the circumstances are challenging?


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