Keeping Both Our Walkie Talkies In Good Working Order

This morning, after yoga class, I was talking with a friend and noticed his Commodore 64 T-shirt.  We were both amazed to think that about thirty years ago the Commodore 64 was a hot computer.  My friend commented that now our cell phones are probably many times as powerful as that computer was.

And that is how far computer hardware has progressed.  Just think of the Internet and Google.

When I was a kid, I was thrilled to be given a set of World Book Encyclopedias.  Now with Google, I have access to millions of times the information contained within the encyclopedia set that I was so proud of.

Reflecting on this vein of thought, I am stunned to notice that as technology has advanced at a mind-boggling clip, the needs of the human body for health have stayed basically the same for the past thirty years.  We still need sleep, exercise, and sensible nutrition to stay healthy.

Good health is important for the typical reasons often cited – to feel good, to avoid sickness and the like.

Maintaining good health is also important to realizing our dreams.  Our bodies are the vehicles through which we achieve our dreams.

I’ve started thinking of my body and mind like the set of Radio Shack walkie talkies I had as a kid.  The fun is in being able to communicate clearly from one to the other.

When we maintain good health, our minds can transmit signals of abundance and our bodies can respond to this information appropriately and with enthusiasm.

Technology is expanding at an exponential rate, yet the basic needs of our bodies remain the same.  The trick is to find and consistently engage in the diet, the exercises, and the sleeping patterns that keep our bodies and minds happy and working together.  Then our results can fill us with joy and communicate clearly to the world.

Game of the Day 

How do you currently use exercise, nutrition and sleep to create your dreams?

 What is your next step?


2 responses

  1. Jason,

    this blogpost really touched my heart – this is so true – I was thinking how health is one of my top 5 values and therefore my priority – ha ha ha – and how when this temple that houses my soul is ha ha happy – me, myself and I – we are all ha ha happy.


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