Putting Our Hopes Into Action

One of our greatest abilities is believing that things that frustrate us and cause us pain can change.  This is hope.  When we actively express hope in our lives through our thoughts, words and actions, hope becomes even more powerful.

For example, when our car won’t start because of a dead battery, it is one thing to sit in the car and hope that it will suddenly start.  It is another thing to put this hope into action by calling a friend and asking them to drive over with jumper cables.

In another instance, instead of just hoping for a cleaner environment, my friends Kris and Ryan, through example, have showed me that putting that hope in action can be as simple as picking up litter when out walking or canoeing.

There are multitudes of ways to put our hopes into action.  Exciting!

Game of the day

What changes are you hoping for in your life?  What steps are you taking to put that hope into action?


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