My Second Joy Principle of Personal Finance

Principle Far from being a sacrifice, sometimes choosing the less expensive option will bring you more health and joy.

Discovering if the less expensive option will bring you more health and joy has much to do with personal tastes and involves taking responsibility for noticing the things that truly bring you satisfaction.  When the less expensive option does bring you more health and joy, you get the additional benefit of having to spend less time making money, which equals more time for fun.

I have three examples from my life of this principle in action.  Then you can have fun finding instances to apply it to your own life.

Take the issue of deciding whether or not to buy a parking spot by my apartment as an example of this principle in action.  I have the option of buying a parking spot in a parking garage a block from my building.  I choose not to do this because I have discovered that there is plenty of free street parking within five or six blocks of my building.  Not spending money on a spot in the parking garage actually brings more joy and health into my life because I love having the built-in opportunity to walk through the neighborhood I love and I also have this built-in opportunity to get exercise.

In another example, after eating out a great deal during the Laughter Yoga convention, eating at home just sounds good today.  If I found a tonight-only deal for dinner at a five-star restaurant for just fifteen dollars, I would still choose to eat at home because tonight that is where I want to be.

In a third example, when I walk along the San Diego beaches, I derive great joy from the beaches even though I don’t own them.  I would get much less enjoyment from sculpting my life around making the money to buy a mansion with a private beach.

Game of the Day

First, think of times when you found that the less expensive option brought you more health and joy.

Second, how will you use this principle in the future?


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