Today We’ve Arrived And Are Going Further

Today we have arrived.  Think of how many years, months and days you are old.  It took you that long to arrive at today.  This is cause for celebration!

However, if you are anything like me, on many occasions you have said things like, “My life will be happy when…” or “I will feel settled when….”

As small kid, I thought my life would be pure bliss the moment I got to decide for myself when to go to bed.  In childhood, I journeyed towards this goal.  Years ago, I arrived at the time in my life when I choose my bedtime for myself.  Now I take this freedom totally for granted as I yearn towards other goals.

While our goals give us direction and purpose, our daily lives give us countless opportunities for happiness.  There is the moment of crossing the finish line of our goal compared to the countless moments of our daily lives.

The moment we say we will be happy only when we achieve our goals, we limit our ability to feel happiness.  Too often, I find that we wait for an abstract future to be happy instead of exercising our ability to be happy right now.

Sometimes when we look towards our goals, we can even become deflated and downright unhappy because we feel that we have so far to go to achieve our goals.

One of my goals is to speak at conventions and schools across the country and around the world.  At this time, I have just given presentations in four states.  So, I have a choice. I can either create happiness only at the moment I reach my goal or I can create happiness on the moments leading up to the goal.  You better believe I’ll be happy the moment I reach my goal too!

Especially through my teenage and college years when I frequently needed the reminder, my Mom emphasized the importance of balance in all areas of life.  I think balance might be the key in this discussion. We have the opportunity to strike a balance between celebrating having arrived each day and attending to the steps needed to pursue our further goals.

Remember that today is a special day.  It has taken us years to arrive here.

Game of the Day

How can you savor the excitement of having arrived at this day in your life and at the same time continue to take steps to reach towards your goals?


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