The San Diego Levity Project: A Celebration of Simplicity and Technology

Have you ever done anything like this?

Last weekend a group of over seventy people boarded a double-decker bus and embarked on a journey to unknown places to do unknown activities for the purpose of bringing laughter, play and celebration into public places.

Our first stop was San Diego’s Old Town where the group of us blended into the crowd, that is, until we suddenly pulled out balloons and started joyfully hitting them around.  We created a spontaneous game of Keep the Balloon Afloat, and all kinds of people joined in.

Next, our wonderful tour guide, Ina Lukas, took us to Balboa Park. We were instructed to walk silently in wonder, while doing a Smile Meditation along the long El Prado walk, between grand old buildings and many park goers, and just notice the beauty around us.   Then we sat around a huge fountain and laughed, not for the purpose of engaging others, but just for the thrill of laughing.   Others joined in.

Finally, Seaport Village, where we walked along the harbor and danced for no reason.  Just simply for the joy of being alive.

I was moved by the simplicity of the activities on this adventure, the simplicity of joy, how joy doesn’t have to cost great sums of money.

Joy can be as simple as blowing up a balloon and keeping it afloat and laughing at how the wind has so much to say about where the balloon goes.

Modern technology also added to the joy of The Levity Project.  We were carried between the project’s simple events by a double-decker bus. When a group of us were going to be late returning to the bus, I texted on my cell phone.  People could sign up for The Levity Project on-line.  The Levity Project connects agents of social change all over the world via their website, email newsletters, YouTube, and social media.

We have a wider array of ways to experience joy than ever before in history.  Just because we have iPhones doesn’t mean that we have to give up laughing and keeping balloons afloat.

Living in this time offers us the most amazing opportunities because we can enjoy simple experiences of joy such as walking and admiring the scenery as people have done since ancient times, and we can also have experiences of joy involving our newest technology, like our iPhones.

Game of the Day

Write down five very simple things or activities you enjoy that don’t involve technology. Then write down five things you enjoy that involve technology created relatively recently.  Savor the freedom you have to enjoy both types of experiences.


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