Success And Following Our Butterflies

As we take steps towards realizing our dreams, we often experience butterflies in our stomach.  Wikipedia says, “Butterflies in the stomach is most often experienced prior to important events…”

One way to deal with these butterflies is by deciding to avoid the important event.  The butterflies disappear.  Unfortunately, that opportunity to take a step towards our dream also disappears.

My wise Grandpa Francis has another idea.  When someone has butterflies in their stomach, he advises that person to “get the butterflies to fly in formation.”

Grandpa has a good point.  Why not celebrate our butterflies instead of working to avoid them at all costs?

As a professional speaker, do I sometimes get butterflies in my stomach before going up on stage to inspire an audience at a convention?  Of course!

When this happens, I make a quick decision to follow my butterflies by walking confidently up on stage to speak.  My audience and I both benefit greatly from this decision.

The next time you feel butterflies in your stomach as you approach an important event take it as a good sign.  The butterflies are here to show you the way.  Follow the butterflies and have a wonderful time directing them to fly in formation.

Game of the Day

Write a short letter of appreciation to all the butterflies you have had in the past and will have in the future.


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