Positive Impact

Four years ago, I lived in Sioux Falls, SD, while Hilary Kimblin, a massage therapist and yoga teacher lived in Los Angeles.  Four years ago, Hilary and I had never met. Four years ago, Hilary did something that empowered me to transform my life.  And neither of us had any idea until this past Sunday.

Do you have any idea of all the ways that you positively impact the people around you?

This weekend I attended the 6th Annual All-American Laughter Yoga Conference organized by a joyful visionary, Sebastien Gendry.

Laughter Yoga is a unique idea where anybody can laugh for no reason.  The best way to see what Laughter Yoga looks like is to Youtube Laughter Yoga and be prepared to laugh.

The final presenters at this Laughter Yoga conference were a dynamic couple, Jill and Dan Johnson.  Their presentation was entitled, “How Always Saying ‘YES!’ Changed Our Lives.”  I was highly interested in their presentation because on a number of occasions their decision to say “yes” empowered me to transform my life.

You see Jill and Dan said, “Yes” to becoming Laughter Yoga Teachers based on an experience Jill had.  After that they said “Yes” to starting a free Laughter Club in Sioux Falls, “Yes” to organizing a Laughter Yoga Leader training and “Yes” to training me to become a Laughter Yoga Leader.

Through leading Laughter Yoga sessions, I gained my confidence and love for public speaking and through attending Laughter Yoga conferences I made the friendships that would inspire me to move to San Diego.  Basically, these were very radical changes in my life.  Before becoming a Laughter Yoga Leader, I avoided public speaking like the plague and never imagined I would move to California.

How does Hilary, who I mentioned at the top of this post, fit into this story?

I found out today that she happened to be teaching a Laughter Yoga session at a conference in California about four years ago.  Jill, who had never participated in a Laughter Yoga session before, happened to be at that conference, and took part in the session Hilary was leading.  Jill was very intrigued and when she arrived home, suggested to Dan that they become Laughter Yoga Teachers.

If Hilary hadn’t led that Laughter Yoga session at the conference, Jill might have never been motivated to suggest to Dan that they become Laughter Yoga Teachers.  If they hadn’t become Laughter Yoga Teachers, I may have never known of the opportunity of Laughter Yoga and its transformational power.

In their presentation, Dan and Jill said, “Go towards what gives you strength and everything counts.”

Hilary transformed our lives simply by going towards what gave her strength and leading a group in Laughter Yoga four years ago.

When we say, “Yes” to the things that give us strength and share those things with others, we have no idea how far that “Yes” ripples out or how many people will be empowered to transform their lives.

Game of the Day

Think of the time when you were very surprised to realize the positive impact you had on somebody.

Know that your positive impact extends farther than you will ever know.


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