Take A New Way Home From Work Friday

Part of how we maintain our comfort zones is by only seeing the things that fit within the walls of our comfort zones.

I was able to maintain the idea that I was disabled only as long as that was the only reality I saw.

While gazing beyond our comfort zones can be challenging because the edges may be well hidden, we can start this process by developing a practice of seeing new things in our daily lives.  When we see new things, we become explorers of our world, the same as Columbus or Neil Armstrong.  Ok, I admit driving down Forth when you usually drive down Sixth might not be quite as incredible as sailing the ocean blue or walking on the moon but work with me.

We can start this practice of exploring today by simply taking a different way home from work.  On this route, you might notice new building or trees that you find beautiful.  You might see restaurants or stores you have never knew existed.  Within each of these places is the potential for new conversations, possibly conversations that redefine how you view yourself.

All of this could be available just by driving on a street a few blocks down from the one you usually take.

Please bring a map if you don’t know the area you are traveling in well.  Being lost is also beyond our comfort zones but not the point of today’s adventure.

Going a new way home from work may simply be a delightful change.  Drives where we see new things also have the potential to change our lives because we open ourselves to a world that is larger than the one we had previously known, a world beyond our comfort zones.

Game Of The Day

Take a new way home from work today and bring a map if you need one.


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  1. Jason–I love your blogs. I read every one and truly enjoy your insight and humor. Thanks so much for sharing your uplifting spirit!

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