My Joy Principle of Personal Finance

In my finances, I made up a principle that I attempt to always follow.  The principle is- Buy only what brings me abundance now, as well as, in the future.

For example, I would follow my joy principle by spending money on a tasty and nourishing meal now, which would bring me abundance in the present as well as the abundance of health in the future.

Whereas, if I spent all my money to go on a delicious four-star vacation to Europe, the vacation would be extremely abundant while it lasted.   But once I ran out of money and had to mop the deck of some freighter to earn my way back home, the party would be over.  I would violate my joy principle, because while I created abundance in the present during my four-star travels in Europe, I jeopardized my ability to experience future abundance by spending all my money on that vacation.

I employed my joy principle of personal finance to great success in my move to San Diego.  When I was looking for an apartment, I found the perfect building in the perfect neighborhood.  I first looked at a one-bedroom apartment in this building.  The rent felt like it could call my ability to experience future abundance into question.

So, I looked at a junior efficiency in the same building and the rent was about half as much as the rent on the one bedroom.

At this point, I had the opportunity to think about which option would bring me the most abundance. Sure the extra space and the full kitchen in the one bedroom would be nice.

But I was also attracted to the coziness of the junior efficiency.  The junior efficiency had three huge windows and lots of light, which would bring me solar abundance on a daily basis.  In addition, paying half as much in rent would give me substantially more freedom as I began a new career doing what I love to do.  So I choose the junior efficiency, which provided me more money to spend on future adventures like whale watching, taking trips to LA, and eating out.

By choosing to live in a smaller space, it also cost less to furnish, which adds up to more future abundance.

The day I moved to San Diego, I was already saving a great deal of money.  I did this not by forcing myself to make a sacrifice. Rather, I focused on creating present and future abundance.

Game Of The Day

How can you apply the principle, “Buy only what brings me abundance now, as well as, in the future” to the purchases you make today?


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