I found that it is easy to minimize our creative talents and not take them seriously, to dismiss them as just a creative outlet.

When we do this, we forget how powerful an outlet is.  For example, an electric toothbrush can be used to brush ones teeth even if it is not charged.  But once it is plugged into an outlet and charged, an electric toothbrush works in a whole new way.

Likewise being plugged into our creative outlets and sharing our creativity with others animates our beings, energizes us with joy and life.

Can you imagine if Mozart had kept his music to himself and Da Vinci his paintings, or worse, if they just had quit and given up on their talents? Yet, it is often tempting to keep our creative talents a secret or just plain give up on them and leave creation to people we consider pros.

I’ll tell you a secret.  While many people know that I write poems, relatively few people know that I’ve written hundreds if not thousands of poems.

Why is this a secret?  This is a secret because while I’ve gotten some poems published in journals and books over the years, the vast majority my poems are in a green Rubbermaid box in my parent’s basement.

I’ve neglected the work of submitting my poems to journals basically because I didn’t want to deal with their rejection letters, because I thought my poems wouldn’t matter to other people, and because I’ve told myself over and over again that there is no money in being a poet.

We often fear failure, fear that our creative talents won’t make money, and that they won’t make a difference or matter to other people.  By not sharing our creative talents, we insure that what we fear is true.

I’ve found with our creative outlets there can be just play and revision.  If our painting or poem or needlepoint didn’t turn out the way we wanted it to, this simply means that it is just time to play again.

Create a game so you don’t focus on failing but instead on keeping your creativity going.  Keep producing and sharing your creative gift, so you don’t end up, like I did with my poetry, making a secret out of your creativity and storing it in metaphorical green boxes.

On the financial side of creativity, I find it inspiring to consider that creativity and making money are only opposites if we say they are.  Look at the creators of Google and Facebook.

Let’s plug into our creative talents and share them with others.  Who knows how our creativity could alter our own lives and the world.  Who knows, maybe like I’m writing about Mozart and Da Vinci today, people will be writing about our creative talents hundreds of years from now.

Game of the Day

Is there a creative talent that brings you joy that you have hidden away for one reason or another?

What is your next step in developing that talent?

What is your next step and sharing that talent with others?


6 responses

  1. I am happy to say that being creative is a part of my life. I create with paper, making scrapbooks, cards, and other mementos of life. I give much of what I make away as gifts which is another fantastic boost for my soul. I can completely identify with the need for creativity. It’s in all of us. We just need to tap in and be bold.

  2. Jason,
    Your poems will always matter to someone. Like me, for instance. I love reading your poems. Thank you for sharing your creative talents with us.

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