Flying And Running Marathons

For much of history, the small truth was that humans don’t have wings so would never fly.  A group of people including the Wright Brothers set about creating a larger truth.

Today I live under the flight path to San Diego International airport and people fly over me day and night.

While the Wright Brother’s wanted to fly, Rick Hoyt wanted to run races.  One truth is that there was no way Rick Hoyt was ever going to accomplish this.  At birth, he was diagnosed with spastic quadriplegia as the result of oxygen deprivation.*  Because of this , he is unable to walk or use his arms.

But this wasn’t Rick’s only truth.  The other truth, the far larger truth, is that since 1977, Rick and his father “have completed more than 900 endurance events around the world including 64 marathons and 8 Ironman triathlons.”**

They have accomplished this feat together.  Rick sits in his wheelchair and leads, as his dad pushes Rick’s chair.  The truth “Rick would never run a marathon” was only the truth until Rick and his Dad figured out a perspiring and inspiring way to disprove it.

Our limitations often seem like truths in our lives until we come up with ways to create greater truths.

*Information from the Team Hoyt website

**Information a from a Runner’s World article, “Team Hoyt Starts Again” by John Brant.

Game of The Day

Think of a time in your own life when you saw a limitation as the truth, only to triumph by figuring out a way to create a greater truth?

What is the next limitation that you now see as the truth that you want triumph over by creating a greater truth?


2 responses

  1. Hey Jason,
    Love reading your essays. For many years, I had the great fortune to watch the Hoyt’s run the Boston Marrathon, from my Beacon Street perch, amongst the cheering and teary eyed crowds. I agree with you that such heroism, born of love and passion, touches us in deep and hopeful places and helps us to see beyond limitations in our own lives and in the world. The tears are an opening and a prayer. Thanks for posting this.

  2. Hi Fran, Thanks for your beautiful comment! Seeing the Hoyt’s run the Boston Marathon sounds like an extraordinary experience. It is such a gift how people have the ability to inspire each other.

    With great appreciation,

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