Where Are You At This Moment?

We have the power. At least that is what I took for granted until my friend’s neighbor came over to say that he could no longer watch his TV show last Friday at about 3:45 pm.

Slowly, we realized that not only were televisions not working, but stop lights, cash machines, computers, and anything that required electricity was out of commission for us and about 5 million other people in Southern California, Arizona and even New Mexico.  Suddenly, everything was different.  It was a moment to remember.

Two Fridays ago, I was having a planning meeting with Ina, the speaking agent and creative director at Heroic Yes! Productions.  My cell phone rang and it was my dad with news that my mom is going in for quadruple bypass surgery the next day.

Ten years ago yesterday, most of us remember the moment we turned on the TV and saw planes flying into the Twin Towers and Pentagon.  Suddenly everything was different.

These were significant moments of rapid change and fear.

Tonight, reflecting on these moments, I started wondering… How can we become more aware of the moments when the lights are on, the moments when no one in our family is going in for major surgery, and not much is happening in the national news?

This moment as I type this blog post is a very nice moment.   My computer is drawing electricity.  My magnificent mom is home and continuing her courageous recovery from surgery.  Our world is a decade beyond the horror of 9/11.

How about your moment as you read this blog post?  What is it like?  What is abundant about it?  What do you appreciate about it?

Ok, I seriously doubt that ten years from now, I will be telling people about where I was the moment I wrote this blog post or that you will be recounting the moment you read it.

But when we cultivate appreciation of where we are in our ordinary moments, when everything is calm and nice, we realize the power to discover joy in our lives.  And with that power, we can shine regardless of whether or not the lights are on.

Game of The Day

Where are you at this moment?


4 responses

  1. everyday we need to remember to enjoy the moment we have even just in taking a moment to reflect on our lives…life has a way of changing when we least expect it ….so glad Mary is doing so well and sorry we didn’t get to see you when you were home.Our thoughts were with you and the family everyday.

  2. I am at a turning point with my job – yet, tonight at Centering Prayer, I kept reminding myself as I tried to be still and listen to God, to “be not afraid – lo, I am with you ALWAYS.” No matter what happens – God will be there.

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