Recognizing the Mona Lisa, Midwestern Towns and Our Lives

The website called Mona Lisa Mania, says, “The Mona Lisa is widely recognized as the most famous painting in the history of art.”

The word that catches my eye here is “recognized.”

Consider if instead of hanging in the Louvre, the Mono Lisa was hung on the side of a superhighway.  The masterpiece would go by in a blur.  The drivers would not have a chance to develop a rich relationship with the painting, let alone recognize it as priceless.

Now that we have seen the importance of recognition in Paris, let’s journey to the Midwest.  I lived most of my life in South Dakota and would travel a great deal in my home state and in neighboring states. On my drives, I often went by some towns that I figured were unbelievably boring.  I would pass through them on my way to another destination, sometimes seeing just the main street, or sometimes whizzing by them on the highway or even going around them on the interstate.

I later had the opportunity to walk around some of these “boring towns” and was surprised to find them incredibly interesting.  What I discovered was that the town wasn’t boring; rather my way of relating to the town was superficial so I interpreted the town as boring.

Recognition is important to creating the Mona Lisa as a priceless work of art, to creating Midwestern towns as noteworthy, and also to appreciating the priceless and deeply interesting nature of our own lives.

If we are always on the superhighway of our lives traveling towards some elusive destination called “The Grass Is Always Greener,” we don’t give ourselves time to enjoy the priceless and fascinating nature of who we are at this moment.

Part of our minds may always desire more, more, more and never quite be satisfied. The exciting opportunity is that we have the opportunity to focus on relating to ourselves in a new way that is priceless and deeply interesting.

 Game of the Day

What is your next step in recognizing your life as priceless and deeply interesting?


2 responses

    • Yes Sandy! Even though we don’t always see it at first glance, I think taking the time to recognize and rejoice in the wonder of our lives is a powerful way to experience joy and share joy with others.

      With great appreciation,

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