Goals And Surprise

Goals may be most useful in that they focus our minds, words and actions on the good we desire.  We can create goals for the next day, the next week, the next year, the next ten years, or longer.  Whether it is around New Years or at some other time of a year, a goal creation party is important because in the process of goal creation we kindle a lighthouse in our future, something to set sail towards.

At the same time it’s empowering to remember that the lighthouse is very often not the destination of ships but only a generous guide to the shore the ship is sailing towards.

Goals can also be blinders.  For example, say your goal is to visit a park across town this weekend.  A friend suddenly calls and says she has an extra airline ticket to fly to New York, New York and she would love for us to come.  If you were firmly attached to goal visiting the park across town, you would say, “nope I already have plans.”  You would attain your goal of visiting the park across town, but miss out on the exhilaration of flying to New York for free on the spur of the moment with a great friend, as well as, the magic of being in that city.

Attachment to specific goals can lessen our chances of producing extraordinary results.  There are potentially millions of extraordinary opportunities that could fill us with joy, success and growth in the next year.  But if we limit our focus exclusively to just a few goals, we limit our ability to participate and find fulfillment in new opportunities.

Some of the best parts our next year may well happen when we aren’t trying to create success or fixated on a specific outcome but simply taking relaxed, joyful, present steps in the direction we want our next year to flow.  When setting a goal, one of my wonderful yoga teachers, Gretchen, always advised people to say, “this or something better.”

 Game of the Day

See what it is like to set a few goals today and plan to work towards them, while at the sometime acknowledging the surprise of life by saying, “this or something better.”


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