Discovering Miracles

I found a big stumbling block for me in discovering the miracles that have transformed my life was assuming that I knew exactly what my next miracle would be.

What do you think your next miracle will be?

For years, I was certain that the only miracle that would save me from my lack of confidence and frustration over not feeling athletic was finding the perfect woman to marry. So, I would round every corner waiting for her to magically appear.  I was really good at looking really hard for the right woman to marry, but alas I lacked confidence in myself so I wasn’t so hot at attracting her.  I also was really good at worrying and being frustrated about NOT finding the right woman to marry.  To say the least, all of this worrying and frustration narrowed my openness to the wonder of daily life.

Do you worry as I did about your expected miracle coming into reality?

All my worrying and looking left little room for me to be open to the idea that the miracle I hope for might take a different form than I expected.

 Only when I was able to relax my hold on how I thought my life should work out, did I begin to listen to Aunt Ann and Uncle Bill and my friend Paul who were telling me to take up yoga.

Could people and situations be introducing you to a miracle that takes a different form than you are expecting?

 So, what of all the time I spent searching for my ideal mate?  Was that time wasted?  No, the image of my ideal mate was like a lighthouse that guided me towards my miracle of healing at a time when I didn’t have much hope in that reality.

 I’ve discovered that the purpose of a dream that is shining bright like a lighthouse isn’t always to lead us directly to that dream.  Sometimes a lighthouse dream first leads us to a shore where other miracles await.

 Could there be miracles for you to actively participate before the opportunity for your expected miracle comes into your life? 

 The self-confidence that I have gained from actively participating in the miracle of yoga may well be leading me towards an opportunity for my initial expected miracle of blissful marriage to come into my life…

Game of the Day

 Explore your life and be open to discovering your next miracle in unexpected places.


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