Uncertain times have been around a long time. When the economy is not what we want it to be and the world situation is not what we want it to be, it is especially tempting to draw deep into our comfort zones.

The exciting thing is that we have dreams we are waiting to experience and love and share with the world.

Throughout history, every time has been an uncertain time. There have always been struggles and frustrations in the world of one sort or another.  And people have always found ways to create their dreams.  Think of the dreams Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King and Thomas Edison created as they met the turbulent times they lived in.

Freedom and light came from their creativity and love of life.  We live their dreams each day.

Think of our great grandparents and grandparents and parents.  We are alive because they loved and dreamed and put their dreams into action.

We are the heroes and leaders of our time.

We all have a dream.  Let’s celebrate it!  Let’s live it!

Game Of The Day

What is the next joyful step you can take towards your big dream?


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