Hi!  I’m Jason Freeman.  In early adulthood, I had no idea that I would become a one-of-a-kind inspirational speaker.  I was born with a pronounced speech impediment that made it hard for me to even pronounce the words “speech impediment.”  I spent years focusing on my own limitations and those of the people around me, before I discovered an essential truth:

We all have the capacity to create extraordinary lives.  The only thing that prevents us from doing this is the self-imposed limitations in our minds, in the words we speak, and in our actions.


“Jason is an amazing individual who inspires and reminds us to always give our best.”  Greg S. Reid – Author, Speaker, Filmmaker

Are you looking for an inspirational speaker that can help your audience turn their limitations into extraordinary results?  

I am an inspirational speaker based out of San Diego, CA.  I help people create powerful results in their lives through my presentations and keynote speeches at conferences, schools, and beyond.  Through a long  journey I have transformed my disability into a gift.  I take audiences on this journey and give them tools to live lives of appreciation and turn their limitations into abundant results.

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